Asda to help dairy farmers, after protests

cow-head Looks like the protests by dairy farmers are working. First off, Morrisons decided to give 10p to them, and now, Asda have said that they're going to increase the amount they pay their milk supplier, up to "a level that will assist" the farmers.

Asda have committed to paying 28p per litre for 100% of its liquid milk volume throughout their entire range, with a spokesperson saying: "We have confirmed to our milk supplier, Arla, that we are increasing the price we pay per litre from Monday to a level that will assist our farmers during the current crisis."

"Asda's origins are in dairy farming which is why we are acting in the best interests of our farmers and our customers by increasing the price we pay, introducing the Farmer's Marque label and not passing on any of the costs to customers - our retail price stays the same."

In reaction to Asda's move, the National Farmers Union (NFU) president, Meurig Raymond, said: "The NFU has been lobbying tirelessly for Asda to recognise the plight of the dairy industry so we are pleased that Asda has moved to support farmers in their hour of need. It is clear from Asda that this commitment is to support the UK dairy industry at a time of crisis.

"It is now important that Arla ensures this is delivered to British farmers on the ground, with immediate effect. This decision recognises that our dairy farmers need a fair price so consumers can ensure they have access to British dairy products now and in the future."

This will put pressure on the other supermarkets to get their houses in order too and Farmers For Action said this week, that other supermarkets will be targeted with protests. We're hoping someone turns a muck spreader on inside a shop, provided they film it of course.

So keep an eye on Tesco and Sainsbury's, who have said that they're ruling out following in Morrisons' lead, because they think they already pay a fair price, based on the cost of production.


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    Diaries don't grow on trees you know
  • Jessie J.
    Wait till everybody finds out that its not 'milk' at all. Wear my hat low.

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