Asda to ditch their Price Guarantee?

ASDA-logo With the UK's populace getting really bored of shops throwing confusing offers, preferring to shop at places that just keep things cheap, Asda have finally caught wind of the mood, and have confirmed that they're looking at their Price Guarantee loyalty scheme, and now it is officially "under review".

Before anyone gets too excited, Asda may well be keeping the scheme and simply look at reviewing the terms, and looking at the way they market it to customers. However, in that review, they may also decide to ditch it altogether.

As well as a general malaise toward these things, another issue that Asda will be mindful of, is how their Price Guarantee has been challenged by rivals in the past, which resulted in the Advertising Standards Authority banning an advert which promoted it.

Either way, while Asda's Price Guarantee asks their customers to compare the cost of comparable groceries, and then work out whether the total cost is 10% cheaper at Asda or not, resulting in a voucher that you can spend at Asda, people have been drawn to Lidl and Aldi, where things are just cheaper than everywhere else. No messing.

Of course, Morrisons recently ditched a similar scheme, which could well sway Asda who, in a review called 'Project Renewal', vowed to get themselves back to a “simpler way of doing business” in order to “deliver market leading value in a way customers will notice”.

Chief executive Andy Clark said: “Increasing our focus on the core business means strengthening some areas while pausing activity in others which will allow us to sharpen our customer offer and continue to improve operational efficiency. I’m confident that by reinforcing our offer we can further extend our price advantage over major competitors and close the gap against the limited assortment discounters – not only on price, but across range, service and quality.”


  • Darius
    Sounds like they've already decided. Shame, I've had good refunds from that scheme.
  • Marvin
    I normally get a £6-£10 voucher on every £150 shop with their price guarantee. It's also worth grabbing any long receipts people leave in their trolleys.
  • Karen
    Just tried to claim my vouchers and you now have to have an "Asda Groceries Home Shopping Account". This sounds like another nail in the coffin of the Asda Price Guarantee. A shame really as this is often the only way I can afford to buy the additional bits of shopping that are outside of my budgeted weekly shop
  • david l.
    why di have to have an ads a groceries home shopping account this is just a waste of my time what was wrong with the old system if you ciuld reply to me that would be great but i won't hold my breath
  • James G.
    Dear Sir,I have just changed my password I needed to print my vouchers with your guaranteed cheaper shopping. Although I managed this easily to change my forgotten password with your help I could not find my account to change the password you gave me,which I must admit no one would ever think of, to one which is more easily remembered.I am 76 years old and although I spend over 5000 pounds per year at Asda mainly Ashington branch, I have not cracked how to be profecient with the internet. Hope you can enlighten me. Yours Faithfully, James Scott Gibson
  • Andy M.
    This system too onerous to work, you have to jumps through too many hoops to get your discount and least Tesco's had the smart idea to scan and refund directly at the till. Asda wants your digital soul and pound of flesh to give you 50p discount. Regsitering, logging on, scanning, printing at my cost, and then rescanning a completely different voucher. Its a complete Joke.
  • Mrs H.
    What has happened to Asda Guarantee when I try and check my bill by going onto google asda price guarantee all I get is Diagnostic Problems , Have had my computor checked and can find no problem with my computor , I now have three weeks bills that I cant check , If I dont find answer soon will leave Asda altogether ,

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