Asda to be tackled over multi-buy deals

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) are going to publicly criticise Asda in relation to the 'super complaint' that has been taken up with the supermarket, over their pricing tactics.

According to Sky, the CMA have contacted Asda, and asked them to give them their word, in writing, that they're going to stop promotions like multi-buys and the like.

Asda have been having a difficult time of it of late, struggling with the competition from Lidl and Aldi, and they've seen their sales dropping as a result.

In this instance, it looks like Asda are going to be the only supermarket who will receive this criticism from the CMA.

Of course, the whole issue regarding multi-buy promotions came about thanks to the Which!!! super-complaint, which was issued last summer. Sainsbury's have already got rid of their promotions, and in February, even Asda said they were doing the same.

While the CMA has asked all supermarkets to stop these promos, Asda will be the only one that will be asked to make a promise about it in writing.

When the watchdog compiled their initial report last year, they said that they had found "examples of pricing and promotional practices that have the potential to confuse or mislead consumers and which could be in breach of consumer law".

Nisha Arora, a CMA enforcement director, said: "We have found that, whilst supermarkets want to comply with the law and shoppers enjoy a wide range of choices, with an estimated 40% of grocery spending being on items on promotion, there are still areas of poor practice that could confuse or mislead shoppers."

This one is going to trundle on for a while, as it is clear that supermarkets love a promotion to shift slovenly stock, and the CMA are going to clampdown on anyone misleading customers.

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  • HerNameWasLola

    What's the problem with multi-buy deals? You buy in bulk when things are discounted and stockpile.  Now retailers will simply sell at a regular price without passing on any multibuy savings.

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