Asda throw money at problem and hope it goes away

ASDA-logo Hot on the heels of everyone saying the prefer half a dozen supermarkets to them, Asda have decided that they're going to invest £600 million pounds in new shops and doing up some old ones as they vie to get back into the public's hearts.

The Wal-Mart owned supermarket is also responding to a drop in fourth-quarter sales, as everyone is shopping elsewhere.

Chief Executive Andy Clarke noted that the market is still "in one of its most challenging and changeable periods in history", which means 'we're hoping that people will go off the idea of shopping at Aldi and is there still a recession on? We can't remember anymore.' Possibly.

While Asda has been relatively stable over the last few years, recent data shows that they were the worst performing of the big chains over the 12 weeks to February 1st.

As such, Asda will be spending their millions on improving existing stores, building 17 new supermarkets and ushering in over 150 remote click and collect sites through 2015.

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    Just turn the blaring music off.

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