Asda scrapping multi-buy offers

ASDA-logo After Sainsbury's decided to beat the regulators to the punch, and stop doing confusing, and potentially misleading multi-buy deals, Asda have got on board with the idea too, saying that they've removed 133 multi-buy products from their supermarkets.

Now, we are just waiting for the other supermarkets to stop their BOGOF deals as well.

An Asda spokesperson said: "We have always prioritised low prices over promotions, but we also understand that it’s about getting the right balance for customers. We’re pleased that our competitors are finally coming around to our way of thinking, but we will continue to lead the way."

"For example this week alone we've removed 133 multi-buys in favour of everyday low prices and we've never used BOGOFs."

Tesco will be following suit today, cutting back on the number of these promotions. Of course, consumers have long been saying they prefer the Aldi/Lidl model, or just keeping things cheap, rather than burying everything in offers.

Either way, wave goodbye to BOGOF and multi-buy deals... and invariably say hello to something else which is potentially going to mislead a load of shoppers.


  • JOHN P.
    Its about time Lets have some real deals
  • Miss P.
    What a load of nonsense. When is buy one get one free not easy to understand? Country is mad.
  • Shonk
    £4 each or 3 for £10 £1.50 each at aldi or home bargains yes great offer cant believe people fell for it in the first place the offer prices where always over the top and when not on offer you where paying double rrp

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