Asda reinstate food banks at stores

ASDA-logo Asda, unannounced, removed a number of permanent collection points for food banks from their stores in the UK. These points allowed people to donate items they'd bought in stores, as well as food brought in from their homes, with some charities saying that Asda contributed up to 25% of their donations.

Obviously, this decision was met with confusion from shoppers, and in some cases, outright anger.

Well, it looks like Asda have changed their minds about the whole thing, which is good news for the charities, the people they help, and of course, great news for those who like to do a good deed now and then.

The Guardian report that this change started to make moves midweek, with Asda’s internal social network (The Green Room) buzzing with staff saying that they'd like to see a return to these collecting points.

In a briefing, released to Asda's staff, the company said: "We are reinstating all previously existing unmanned collections in store, eg Guide Dogs for the Blind collections, food banks, Marie Curie collection trays. This is about reinviting existing charity partners back into store, not about actively going out and recruiting any new unmanned collections at this stage."

It was thought that this move was initially brought in, thanks to costs being cut. Seeing as the supermarket has just announced their worst quarterly figure ever, this seemed to add-up. However, Asda deny this, saying that they were channelling an additional £2m in charitable funding via their Asda Foundation.

Asda said: "We made some changes to our community programme around unmanned collections in the belief that this would benefit the many local good causes who collect in our stores. On this occasion, our customers and colleagues have told us they understand our intentions, but prefer us to continue to give charities more options to maximise donations. We are therefore reinstating unmanned collection points."

“Asda plays an important role in the communities we serve and we look forward to continuing to support many more local charities and good causes.”

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