Asda reduces their four-pint milks to 89p

ASDA-logo There's a supermarket price war and Asda have launched the first attack. Yes, they've dropped the price of four-pinter bottles of their own-label milk to 89p.

As of this week, the four pint versions of Asda's skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk will be rolled back to 89p, which, no doubt, will be making dairy farmers cry all over their shrivelled-up cows.

Asda are the first of the 'big four' supermarkets to deploy such a cut, however Iceland and Aldi have both had it at that price in recent promotions.

A spokesman for the Asda said: “Customers expect great value from Asda especially after Christmas when they are feeling the pinch. This is why we have invested around £300m in lowering prices for our biggest ever Rollback, which includes milk."

The spokesman, who could quite easily have been a paper plate with a face drawn on it, sellotaped to a broom handle, continued that it was ”proud to support British Dairy farmers” and said it had ”a positive record in UK dairy sourcing for both milk and cheese”.

”All our fresh milk is Red Tractor stamped as 100% British and our own-label butter and British cheese range uses British milk,” confirmed the mouthpiece.

This news follows First Milk, the milk processor, and their announcement that they'd be reducing the price it pays its farmers. Think about that when you're having your Coco Pops tomorrow morning.

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