Asda hire people to fetch the stuff you forgot

ASDA-logo Asda have invested £4m into their new idea of hiring people who will hover around the queues, so people who have forgotten to pick something up, can send them to go fetch.

It aimed at those who are in the queue, don't want to lose their place, but forgot their sprouts, or whatever.

Asda will be introducing us to 8,000 members of staff, which they've called ‘Go-Getters for Forgetters’, into their 601 stores. We're waiting for someone to push their luck, and stand their with a basket with some carrots in, and sending off the staff to fetch the rest of their shopping.

"Mate, could you fetch me a turkey... and a Christmas pudding... and some potatoes... and a widescreen television... and a couple of Frozen dolls... and a case of wine... and I might have left my two children in the crisps section..."

Asda’s director of people and stores Hayley Tatum said: “Christmas is an enjoyable time of year, but it can also be one of the most testing. It’s our job to make it easy, hassle-free and fun and our colleagues are top of the Christmas tree when it comes to service with personality."

"We introduced our ‘Go-Getters for Forgetters’ in a handful of stores five years ago to get anything customers had forgotten without keeping others waiting at the tills – this Christmas, we’ve invested an additional £4m into customer service for the busiest two weeks of the year meaning customers have more help than ever before."

"Not only does it mean no-one will go without the perfect gift this year, there’s no excuse to forget the sprouts."

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  • Alexis
    How big are the queues in Asda if they have the time to fetch stuff?? It does your head in when the person in front needs someone to go and get some replacement produce and they want to make it a matter of course?

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