Asda guilty of confusing customers, say ASA

Asda confusing

According to the Advertising Standards Authority, Asda have been guilty of confusing their customers. Specifically, the supermarket were misleading on a promotion on Choco Squares cereal.

Now, Asda have been ordered to make sure that promotions in the future don't mislead consumers on the savings they could make.

This news follows Asda's pledge to stop these confusing deals, in a written agreement with the Competition and Markets Authority.

The ASA said that the retailer's online deal on Choco Squares, should not be repeated. The deal in question offered a multi-buy promotion for three boxes of Choco Squares at £3, while saying that a single box could be bought for £1.38.

However, someone spotted that the price of the cereal had been increased from 97p, and artificially hiked up, just for the promotion. The shopper who spotted it, raised a complaint.

"Because the ad suggested the usual selling price of their Choco Squares was £1.38, and implied a saving could be achieved against the usual selling price when that was not the case (indeed, when the multi-buy unit price was more expensive than the usual selling price), we concluded that it was misleading," the ASA said.

“The advert must not appear again in its current form. We told Asda Stores to ensure their future promotions did not mislead about the savings consumers could achieve," they added.

Of course, Asda deny that this is misleading and stated that their advert made everything abundantly clear.

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    Never in the world, I cant believe it,I'm shocked.

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