Asda are dropping food prices

Asda are dropping food prices

Asda have been suffering from a fall in customers, thanks in part to the increasing sway of Aldi and Lidl, and of course, because Asda have large supermarkets that are out of town, which people rely on less-and-less.

To try and woo people back through their doors, the supermarket is slashing the price on thousands of every day groceries.

This is all part of their new 'That's Better' campaign, which you'll be seeing on TV adverts and the like.

Basically, we're looking at cheaper prices on staples like sausages, chicken, and beef, which Asda reckon will be (on average) 15% cheaper. They've also said that the quality of their products will be better too.

New Asda boss, Sean Clarke, says: "We will continue to listen to our customers and take action, with better prices for products they buy week in, week out."

It has to work for the Walmart-owned company, as they've been showing a poor performance over the last couple of years.

In August, Asda reported their worst worst quarterly performance ever, with a 7.5% fall in like-for-like sales.

With Amazon selling groceries now, it is a rather precarious time for supermarkets in the UK.

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