Argos to take on Amazon in pointless book-selling battle

Worst Book Covers-2

Argos are planning to add to their offering following the announcement of a 13% drop in profits for their parent company, Home Retail. They have announced that they’ll be flogging childrenswear and books, with the latter already appearing on the Argos site.

Perhaps their book offering is in an early, beta stage but the likes of Amazon needn’t be too worried at the moment. Highlighted titles include Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals for £20.80 (compared to £13.99 from Amazon) and David Nicholls’ One Day for £7.19 (£3.98 from Amazon).

It all smacks of desperation and seems pretty pointless – but at least Argos aren’t about to launch their own TV shopping channel. Oh, hang on, they are. Riiight…

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  • callum
    How does it "smack of desperation"? They are a shop which sells a wide variety of different products - moving onto books seems a logical next step.

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