Argos to recruit 9,000 workers for Christmas

argos logo As Christmas approaches, Argos are anticipating the retail rush and taking on 9,000 new seasonal staff. The retailer will be taking on around 8,000 'customer helpers' as well as 1,000 drivers.

The contracts being offered will be for 3 months, but if you're in the mood for staying and aren't a complete layabout, some of these roles will become permanent, provided there's vacancies where you work.

So what are new workers looking at? Argos say they're looking at giving recruits a minimum of 12 hours a week, and six hours for weekend staff.

Steve Carson, director of retail and customer operations at Argos, said: “We need extra support in our stores and we’re looking for people who are customer focused, energetic and enthusiastic."

"For the first time, we are also seeking drivers to join our store teams and support local deliveries to customers.”

So, if you're needing a job over Christmas for whatever reason, click here and have a look at the Argos careers page. Keep an eye out for how many middle-aged men are ordering My Little Pony toys as well. They're bloody everywhere.


  • Miss b.
    Hi I am looking for work can start as soon as possible looking for 16 hours or more a week Kind regards sherry
  • Danielle d.
    Looking for part time work as a store assistant in leeds
  • Stephen m.
    Looking for part time work carlisle
  • Terri g.
    I am looking to help out over the festive period, I am friendly, bubbly and always there to help. I work part time already so am looking to boost my hours. Available all afternoons and evenings and at the weekend within the glenrothes or kirkcaldy area in fife
  • Emma l.
    Hi looking for par time work preferably in your kings wood store many thanks Emma
  • Emma h.
    Looking for work in bedford over xmas
  • Kayleigh
    good evening my name is Kayleigh, I'm currently looking for part time work I'd appreciate a place In your company Hope to hear from you soon thank you Kayleigh
  • Abigail J.
    hello, I'm trying to find out if you have any jobs going in the Rhondda/Pontypridd area. Thank you
  • Topcaty
    Have you seen the pay rates? Look here before you apply. If you are on JSA, you may want to stay at home. 12 hours less travelling costs, you will be worse off working. Wait until they pay the living wage ( if you live long enough )
  • Brachan s.
    I am looking for part-time work and I'm looking to work at argos
  • Kieran B.
    Hi am Kieran I am looking for full time /par time vacancy please stay [address removed]
  • Raihan m.
    Hi I would like to work at asda during Christmas and after if possible. I am 16 years old and i attend leicester college as I am doing my college course in vehicle maintenance and repair. I have no problems with punctuality as I am used to travelling to city centre on a daily basis. At the end of the Christmas term i would like to still be working at Argos.
  • Mof G.
    Quick heads-up - we're a news website, so we can't get any of you jobs.
  • jim
    lol why are people posting here for jobs?
  • No f.
    Top tip for getting a job - Don't demonstrate you can't follow instructions by failing to read things properly. The clue is in the last paragraph.
  • Martha F.
    Hi all. I would like a job at Bitterwallet. I can type 14 WPM and am fluent in Australian. I have my own Vespa. I see myself as CEO in 5 years time and I prioritise work by whoever shouts at me. My aunt and I look forward to your reply. Yours sincerefully, Martha
  • chewie
    People aren't seriously under the impression that they can apply on this site? Says a lot about them, really.
  • NotDave
    I'd love to work at Argons. I've spent hours watching stuff come down the chute, at least until the cops turned up. I have some anger management issues but I'm a gazillion percent team player/customer focused. Go Argonauts!
  • Big M.
    Hi, I am looking for seasonal work at Argos. I have a keen eye for the smallest, highest value, easy-to-thieve goods. I intend to fill my pockets with things like memory cards etcetera that I can shove down my pants (no you can't strip search me Mr. Manager) and then sell on. I understand all security personnel were the first to get the chop when times turned hard. I may even throw games consoles in the skips amongst the rubbish ans come collect them later on when the store is closed. Thanks in advance, Big 'Raffles' Mozzer
  • brachan s.
    hi i would like this job to gain more income over christmas. i am 16 years old, very enthusiastic and i love to work. i would always do my job to a high standard with a smile on my face and not leave a job unfinished. i am very good at communicating with customers and i can work in a team. to give me more information about the job please contact me via email. thankyou
  • enrique p.
    Hi I Would Like To Work In Arogs Job Please Let Me Have Job. With Good Team Skill And Good Comunication Skill Please Send Email To Me Thanks Agros Need Working
  • kevin s.
    hi would you consider me for a role in warehouse thank you
  • Daniel o.
    Hello i would like this job to gain more income over christmas. I am 19 years old, very mature and ready to work. I would do my job to the best of my ability i wil not leave my job undone. I have good communication skills with customers and others. I am a good team worker and very respectful . Many thanks
  • Ellie B.
    Hi I'm Ellie Betts and I'm 17 years old, this Christmas job would be perfect. I love meeting new people and I am a very confident and helpful person, to me you need to have good people skills and always work to a high standard which is what I would do and always have good time keeping skills which I also have. I will always work with a smile on my face and work the best that I can be. To give me more information about this job please via email, thank you.
  • Liam f.
    Hi I am a 17 year old student looking for seasonal work in the Liverpool area.Thank you
  • Mitchell H.
    I live in Harrow I'm 16 and looking for work
  • Karyn h.
    hi am looking for work as a retail assistant in Alloa or Stirling 16+
  • Martin H.
    I would like to apply for a job with Argos. I am hard working and have great communication skills,I get on well with most, I have 3 children and would like the chance to give them a better Xmas this year. Thankyou
  • Nicola c.
    Hi I'm looking for work in any hull town stores I can do all days ties ,weds, and Thursday with the odd weekend if notice given many thanks I have worked in retail for a lot of years
  • Bethany P.
    Looking for work oer Christmas, Rochdale or Manchester, 16 years old.
  • Jordan O.
    Hi, would it be possible to get a part-time job during the week at your store on the Salford Precinct? If so, please could you let me know, thanks,
  • Joy H.
    Hi I'm looking for part time job I've got 9 yrs retail experience
  • Kyle C.
    I'm 16 years of age and looking for a christmas job and would happily stay on if offered.
  • Joshua s.
    Hi I'm currently looking for work very hard working person looking for full time or part time in birmingham please could you get in touch if you have any
  • Sara p.
    Hi I'm looking for weekend or/and evening part time work in rushden or Wellingborough.
  • Sam B.
    How thick are some people on here? This article is simply advertising the fact that vacancies are available and provides the link to where you can apply. It's not inviting people to post on here declaring they're interested! No-one from Argos is going to be reading this so any information you leave here is wasted. And if anyone from Argos is reading posting your interest on here will actually go against your application because it shows that you're either a bit thick or too lazy to properly read things through. Neither of which are things Argos wants in potential staff!
  • Medina w.
    I am interested in a part time job I am 17 years of age but a very hard working Lass. I put full effort into what needs to be done and think this would help me a lot over Christmas
  • Paul b.
    Hi my name is Paul baker I'm currently looking for work. I have experience in order picking. I've worked at asda warehouse. Using voice pick and llops my number is 07444703372 thank
  • Laura k.
    Hi, I am looking for a job permanent or temporary, I am fully flexible with many years experience & a wide set of skills to bring to the company. I would love the opportunity to progress in my career. Thank you
  • Erin B.
    16 years old, Looking for a part time job in Barrow in furness.
  • Daniel
    Hello, I am current a student at college, I am 17 years old and looking for part time work. I have a variety of different skills to bring to the job including outstanding customer service and the ability to work efficiently and get every job done. If their is any jobs around Liverpool please contact me through my E-mail. Thank you.
  • Lisa J.
    Have you got any jobs going

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