Argos to offer same-day deliveries, seven days a week

argos logo Argos are going to be offering same-day home delivery service, for all seven days of the week. This new service kicks off today, and allows you to order something by 6pm, and have it delivered by 10pm for a flat fee of £3.95.

They're going to be using their own drivers for this service, rather than employing a courier service to do it for them. That's 3,300 drivers that have got jobs through all this, which is pretty great. Argos did this, because they wanted to recruit locally, so they could hire locals who are familiar with their own area.

This follows the one-hour delivery service that Argos are trialling in That London, which will cost you £6.99 if you're thinking of using it.

John Walden, chief executive of Argos owner Home Retail Group, said: "We believe Fast Track is the next big innovation and brings shopping into the digital age for customers, allowing them to get up to 20,000 products in their hands faster than ever before."

"We can do this because we are a different type of retailer. We know where every product is in our network and for customers who shop across digital channels - online and mobile - that means they can get what they want faster and with certainty."

For more on the Argos Fast Track service, have a look here.


  • Albi
    It was going so well. Super fast delivery, constant text messages with progress, turns up at 10.30 this morning. They've sent the wrong item. And their crappy online account has no way of sorting returns. I now have to traipse to my nearest Argos and try to sort it out. Should be renamed Arrrggghhhos.
  • John M.
    At least they delivered your item. Fast track didn't deliver ours. no explanation. Its just another con. Had to spend an hour on the phone in a queue to be told they didn't know what had gone wrong and that it would take 5 working days for a refund! Argos delivery has always been rubbish and now with fast track its still rubbish!

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