Argos open 200 new digital stores

argos logo Argos is continuing to makes strides into the future (by which we mean 'having some computers and stuff') by opening 200 new digitally enabled shops. What does that mean? Replacing tiny pencils and pads of paper for touchscreens and the like.

So, while you're looking for Frozen dolls, dumbbells, boxes of Toffifee and a thing to mount your telly on the wall, you'll be doing it by prodding at a piece of technology, rather than feeling like you've got a gigantic hand while holding such a teensy pencil.

Argos will open 80 new outlets in Homebase and another 10 in some Sainsbury’s outlets.

At one point, it looked like Argos were going to be closing a number of stores, thanks to everyone buying things online instead, however, they're in bullish mood and will have increased their outlets to 800 by next year.

The chief executive of Argos' parent group, HRG, John Walden, said he's thinking of more openings too because he thinks that consumer confidence is going to pick up in the second half of the year. “The key indicators are pointing to starting to see benefits coming through,” he said.

Either way, DEATHWATCH: Tiny Pencils.

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