Are supermarket offers too confusing?

supermarket_sweep_b Retail mitherers, Which!!! are saying that some supermarket special offers "aren't special at all" after analysing over 70,000 grocery prices. They found that there were a lot of misleading multi-buys and discounts that weren't cheaper at all.

As such, they want the government to clarify and simplify the rules around supermarket deals and impose the rules with an iron fist.

Again, it has been pointed out that shops are putting items on special offer and comparing it to a price that was much higher for only a few days. One example was Sainsbury's who had a special offer for Carex Aloe Vera & Eucalyptus Moisturising Antibacterial Handwash. That was sold for £1.80 for seven days and, when it went on offer, it was sold as "was £1.80, now 90p" for 84 days.

They also found that Asda raised the price of Uncle Ben's Express Basmati Rice from £1 to £1.58 before offering "two for £3" and then putting the price to £1 as a single item when the offer was over.  Supermarkets are also doing sly 'buy one get one free' offers that uses a price higher than the product usually retails for.

Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which!!! said: "People are at best paying what they would have done, or often we have found paying over the odds, paying extra when they think they are getting a discount. That can't be fair. These special offers simply aren't special at all. That is why we need to see the rules change to force the supermarkets to play fair."

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) weren't having it, saying: "Across the tens of thousands of promotions available every day, regrettably, occasional errors do slip through. Retailers work very quickly to rectify these mistakes whenever they are found."


  • Alexis
    I thought they had to be on sale at at the higher price for a minimum of 28 days by law?
  • Simon
    Totally agree with this. In Tesco at the weekend my daughter chose some chocolate snacks that were marked as 'Any 3 for £1.20', it turns out they were in different 'Any 3 for £1.20' offers so we ended up paying £1.85. Very frustrating, and all Tesco said was 'We're very sorry...'
  • jokester2
    The BRC are clearly just a bunch of useless incompetent tossers...
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    The BRC. The university of stating the bleeding obvious , why don't they concentrate on getting more checkout staff...not shit offers
  • Jaff
    Didn't read article. Bring back supermarket sweep.

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