Are Primark Really Ethical Baddies?

A new survey has showed that the British public regard Primark as the country’s least ethical clothing retailer. This is believed to be mainly based on the recent Panorama documentary that highlighted poor wages and working conditions and a reliance on child labour.

But are we all being slightly too negative here? You know, could Primark be any WORSE? What about if they…

  • …gave away a carrier bag with every item purchased. A carrier bag made out of fox fur?
  • …got the kids who make the clothes to deliver them to UK stores by hand? (right)
  • …incorporated sachets of class A drugs into the linings of their coats, thereby supplying two lucrative markets at once?
  • …fitted telephones and computers to the sewing machines, allowing the workers to take calls from customers of UK banks while making cheap vests?
  • …paid the factory workers in Primark gift vouchers?

See – it’s not so bad after all, is it?

What do you think?

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