Apple raise UK app store prices

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If you’re an Apple app store shopper, your world will never be the same again. All those apps you buy that cost a mere 59p are going up in price – to a walloping 69p. It’s part of a huge increase across the app price board. Here’s the new pricing structure in full....

59p is now 69p
£1.19 now £1.49
£1.79 now £1.99
£2.39 now £2.49
£2.99 still £2.99
£3.49 now £3.99
£3.99 now £4.99
£4.99 now £5.49
£5.49 now £5.99
£5.99 now £6.99
£6.99 now £7.99
£7.49 now £8.99
£8.99 now £10.49
£9.49 now £10.99

However, we’re learning that the price of apps in Australia has actually come DOWN instead of gone up. That’s because they do everything backwards down there or something – we learned that off of the Mr Men.


  • Granny S.
    Lol, anything to milk consumers for more cash, eh Mr Jobs. Best thing to do is j/b it and d/load them for free, lol.
  • Spencer
    I'm guessing the price increase is to fund the army of legal professionals apple needs to endlessly entangle itself in spurious law suits...
  • Steve
    Knowing iPhone/iPad idiots, sorry, I meant users, they probably *want* to spend more to help Apple's litigious ways...
  • Grum
    Apple just don't seen to understand that it's their greed and eagerness to control what we do with our iPhone/iPod/iPad that gives us reasons to Jailbreak our devices.
  • lol
    @Grum No it isnt, it's cos we want it for free
  • crap
    OH NO 10p difference for angry birds?! get the OFCOM in!
  • PaulS
    I never realised that the prices on iTunes App Store were fixed by Apple - what if a developer wants to increase sales by say pricing their app at 49p? Any word on justification for the increases? Or why the price increases are not consistant across the board - the £2.39 app only increases by 4% yet the £3.99 app is up by 25%. Anyone know which price point sells the most apps and makes Apple the most money?
  • StauntonLick
    @Spencer With you on that. As a recent apple "convert" it is a bit dismaying to see the company sue everyone under the sun, even while enjoying such a huge market share. HTC got it right when they responded saying it's sad apple chose to compete in the courts rather than the marketplace. Overall, prices are always going to go up. It's just a shame it comes at a time when Apple's massively growing business makes it feel like they could give their customers a break.
  • PaulS
    @StauntonLick Do prices on a digital commodity ever have to go uponce they have launched? It is not like manufactured product prices where the raw cost of ingredients is going up or the rising cost of fuel impacts on transport costs meaning the price of a loaf of bread today might not be the same as next week. What has happened in the last week to say that the cost of Angry Birds has increased by 10p?
  • M4RKM
    it's all to do with the exchange rate surely? The Australian Dollar is better, so their prices have dropped, the Pound is shite right now, so our prices have risen..
  • yannis
    fuck you apple you greedy bastards. As if they're not rich enough, they have to screw us like this. When the new psp comes out i'm going to ditch my ipod touch and never use on again! i swear it!
  • International A.
    [...] For those in the UK here’s the changes for more pricing tiers (thanks BitterWallet): [...]
  • yak
    wh smith are charging £1.25 for a can of coke
  • Stu
    and I'mright in saying that we have NO choice about paying these prices right? i cant get a different make of phone... or just do without angry birds 7 if i think 69p is a massive rip off AAAAARGH I'm not buying anymore games from them! Im off to get a game for my 360 instead! I bet that'snot gone up in price! NOPE still £30+ bargain. I hate Apple they are Evil!! ps on the litigation front Apple in effect HAVE to sue! if they don't protect their images and ideas in court then that means anyone else can then legally copy what they have invested billions to produce.
  • Will
    @ M4RKM It is indeed due to exchange rates. The dollar has weakened against many currencies since the app store prices were last updated. Australia's base price (i.e. price equivalent to USD0.99) has fallen to 91% of what it was. Since the Yen is somewhat stronger since the last price update, the base price in Japan is now 74% of what it was - commence the Japanese Angry Birds orgy of '11. Unfortunately, because of pound has done pretty shoddily vs the dollar since the last update, our app prices have inflated. Don't worry though, those Mexicans and Norwegians are also seeing more expensive apps!
  • StauntonLick
    @PaulS Apps on the store may not be a physical commodity like traditional goods, but they are still prey to inflation. As a crude example, imagine a developer puts out an app at 59p two years ago. Inflation means that the 59p that you pay today isn't worth the same as the 59p you may have paid on launch. In this example, the developer would be earning less per sale for the same product. Eventually their income would decline to nothing - the only way to counterbalance the effects of inflation is to raise the prices. Still, 69p? Come off it apple! That's nearly the price of a lion bar in central Lahndahn.
  • peter
    I live in Australia and I have an android. Angry Birds and Angry Birds Season are both free. Suck it bitches!
  • Martyn
    Angry Birds is free the world over on Android, not just in Australia... It's Apples decision what to charge , not the developer. They obviously thought people would be willing to pay for Angry Birds, which they are.

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