Anyone at a loose end in New York who can assemble Ikea furniture?

From Craigslist...

tumblr_kqhcvaNcmq1qa48r1o1_400[Academy of Internet Arts & Sciences]

EDIT:  More greats from Craigslist here...


  • Dave
    Nah. Not a big fan of Iced Tea. Thanks for the offer though.
  • bobbin t.
    Genuinely surprised to find it was a woman posting the ad. What has happened to me..
  • Matt
    Not a bad offer
  • piggy
    Any women in Bristol who'd like to copy this offer?
  • Gaz
    I'll come round and put up an erection while you masturbate, yes.
  • Paul
    More greats from PC Advisor?
  • Brian
    Please add me to your list of "watchers"
  • Multi-purpose B.
    [...] wonderful, near-infinite world of possibilities, for so many reasons. Last week it was an innocent request for help assembling flat pack furniture, today it’s the next-door neighbour selling a bunch of stuff she found in her son’s [...]
  • Arty F.
    Doesent say whether its a man or a woman...
  • Mienaikage
    Arty: w4m = Woman looking for man
  • Craiglist B.
    [...] it’s not like the woman who wanted to tickle her tuppence while you assembled her flat-pack furniture, or the guy who wanted an amputee for Halloween. This is a serious Craigslist request from a guy [...]

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