Another price hike, from Sky, but customers can flee if they want...

sky_london01_1989b It’s price hike after price hike today! Following on from the imminent tariff increase from British Gas, news has broken that Sky is hiking up its telephone line rental charge by 18%, from £12.25 to £14.50 per month.

That’s a pretty significant increase, but the GOOD NEWS is that Ofcom say that it is large enough to enable Sky’s phone customers to walk away from their contracts without penalty.

Sky has confirmed this, and a message on its website says, ‘If you are a Sky Talk Line Rental customer affected by the change above, you have the option to cancel your Sky Talk subscription without charge.’

Sky seem to have suddenly decided that it has been undercharging on Sky Talk – last month, daytime call fees went up from 7.6p a minute to 7.95p, and call-connection charges rose from 12.5p to 13.1p.

The official waffle from Sky is this: ‘Our broadband and home phone subscription prices have been frozen for more than two years, but we are having to increase our line rental, to continue investing in our services. Even following the price change, our line rental is still cheaper than BT and, when combined with our great value home communications services, offer significant savings to those switching to Sky.’ And breathe.

They have also said that customers who want to stick with them can pay their line rental up front for a year, with an annual discount of £55, which will OBLITERATE the planned price rise. You lucky people. Or you could, you know, shop around. It’s not hard.


  • oliverreed
    I've just binned them off £34-36 a month for the phone and basic package +1 extra channel. PlusNet phone £9.49 a month if you pay a year in advance, for the TV I'll get myself one of those Humax Freesat+ boxes and it will pay for itself in a year. Fuck off Rupert!
  • Craig
    Where is the option to pay up front and save £55?
  • Google
    by by Rupert you scrotum faced wazzerk
  • Dan
    I'm a Sky calls and broadband customer - I pay £24 for unlimited broadband, off-peak calls and line rental. Even accounting for the upcoming price increase I'm curious to see if anyone else in the UK offers a package anywhere near as remotely attractive. Usage wise I'm in the 500gb+ a month mark (we only ever watch TV through the internet, iPlayer, Netflix) and I've not been able to find anything else that will suit
  • WackoJackoUK
    Ring them up. Threaten to cancel (get through to retentions) and they'll give you a nice discount on the line rental. Current deal seems to be £3 a tie in.
  • Pizza A.
    "Your comment is awaiting moderation."..... since 8:56pm yesterday... whats that all about?!?!?
  • Steve O.
    @Pizza D Action You probably used some naughty words like "cunt", "fuck", "wanker" or "Saville".
  • me
    re: no cancelation fee..... what about if you've got broadband with them too?
  • paulg32
    You no longer seem to be able to pay up front for a year: :-(

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