Announcing UK Worst Company Contestants: Voting From Next Week

Ladies and Gents, please prepare yourselves, for the long awaited battle is about to begin.

Your initial nominations and votes have been counted, and we've gathered the best of the worst companies that you guys would like to watch go down.  Here's the final shortlist:

The face off begins a week from today.  Make sure you are following us on the feed or bookmarked so that you will remember to vote.  Someone will soon be a proud winner of the 2008 Worst UK Company Prize by your votes: The Bitter Wallet Golden Poo Award.


  • Rev
    Nit Picking but Pixmania is also part of DSGi
  • jez
    satander is actually spelt santander, you having a spelling competition while we are at it?lol
  • Kevin B.
    What! All mobile companies, but not o2?! And I think those numpties at bigpockets/boffer should definitely have been there, and City Link!
  • Craig
    Lloyds TSB not here??? Seems like the only big bank that has got away with it!!!

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