And the Worst Company In Britain 2009 is...

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 23.43.28 It’s finally over. The Bitterwallet readership have spoken and the noise they are making is that Royal Mail is the Worst Company In Britain for 2009.

The Queen’s own postal service took more than a third of the vote in the end and there are many factors that led to this conclusion – a shoddy service provided by unmotivated and disinterested staff; further shoddiness caused by strikes; the price of stamps going up well above the rate of inflation; the fact (possibly untrue) that all posties knock off at midday and get to spend the rest of the day on the piss.

royal20mail20logo20copyEither way, they’ve taken the crown from Setanta Sports and we’ll be delivering the esteemed golden turd trophy to the Royal Mail HQ in the New Year – possibly via an alternative courier company.

Thanks again to all of you who voted – we’re sure this result will be debated well into the early hours of Christmas Eve. Stick around over the holiday period as we’ll be looking for your nominations for the BEST Company In Britain 2009 over the next week or so.


  • Guybrush T.
    "…and there are many factors that led to this conclusion..." Yeah, paybay votes were cast half to each of the con duo so once again the partnership makes them untouchable. Weird.
  • speedski
    It couldn't be any more fixed unless you had superglued the results to rudolph arse. Now move on to something moderatly valid now yeah?
    • Andy D.
      I'm still waiting for someone to calmly and rationally explain to me why eBay and Paypal are the same thing. From where I'm sitting, they both provide a very different service. Sports Direct and Newcastle United are both failing companies owned by the same entity but you wouldn't lump them in together in the vote. Thanks for getting so upset by a piece of seasonal fluff though.
  • Starr
    Hmmmm, thought it would of been ebay or paypal to be honest. Post office should of been closer also, every time ive got to the front of the queue they have to try and sell me something extra, credit card? Home phone? Broadband? Top Up? Stamps? Special delivery? Do you want your itm to get lost? I wouldnt mind so much if there was no queue but after waiting half hour its very annoying, its the reason why ive had to wait bloody half hour. Royal Mail have been a pain in the arse though. Hope they enjoy the turd, funny that as thats what they've delivered us this year. A giant smelly turd
  • Wibble
    Why didn't we get to vote for
  • Gerbil
    The Royal Mail got my vote but not for the the reasons you list; most of the posties I know are alright and struggle with Neanderthal management, who have yet to evolve more than a few braincells, trying their best to manage by shouting and bullying the staff. It's not the workers who've closed my local sub post offices guaranteeing queues stretching round the block whenever you want to post anything. It's not the workers who've shut the office in the afternoon where you pick up the post that couldn't be delivered and it's not the workers who've shut my local sorting office resulting in delays to the post actually getting here. Back to the fluff....
  • magicbeans
    they're crap. but ebay is worse!
  • stinky
    While Royal Mail aren't outstanding, especially with the recent strikes, in no way does is it the worst company in Britain. What a fixed poll. Lame.
  • Pete
    Set up a mortgage with Post Office earlier this year and they were excellent TBH.Very helpful advisors,did everything they promised and the loan went through no hassle whatsoever.Paypal however are the stain on the undies of the financial universe and really should have won this.They are a robbing load of useless bastards who if you get scammed their buyer protection scheme is an absolute joke.Your basically bollocksed as you won't even be able to speak to one of their advisors let alone one who is capable of doubled up writing.They are shit,in fact sod your golden turd award think I'm going to send them one of my own ! (by Royal Mail who will probably lose it !!!). BTW Happy Christmas everyone :)
  • Caffmando
    Royal Fail.
  • Sideysid
    I enjoy a seasonal fluffing whenever the offer arises.
  • Ross
    You lumped Currys, PC World etc into one company - and then decided to fix the vote so why split up eBay & Paypal ? Either way, not really worth worrying about as you say
  • Seasiderdave
    Fix? How? Why?
  • lee
    Plus, we have atleast 10 customers per week saying they never got thier parcel, only for us to find it hadnt even been deleivered and a mark on the recorded delivery sticker saying not called for. this went on for over a year. Then the National news picked up on the story to find this is what the lazy [email protected] were doing, just putting tickets through the door to save them carrying the parcel. While you were out we tried to deliver, no they didnt it was a scam nationally to drag the poor customer to the local sorting office. Many occassions the customer didnt even get a ticket through the door so it came back to us and we had to resend, this process took over 4 weeks to complete it cycle and by then our customer was so pi$$ed off with us and didnt beleive for one minute their postie would do such a thing!!!
  • Spark
    I'm sorry but that is fucking bollocks. Ebay and PayPal have managed to escape it for a second year running. Something seriously dodgy is going on here.
  • dave
    Ebay/PayPal are just plain crooks, they are one and the same so the votes should be added together: ebay/paypal 1435 royal mail 917 orange 324
  • fella-tio
    Bitterwallet FAIL! congratulations, fucked it up for 2 years in a row now…not to worry though I’m sure you couldnt give a fuck and are too busy living on the fruits of your deal with Amazon Paypal/Ebay...same fucking company bell-end!
  • Paul
    "I’m still waiting for someone to calmly and rationally explain to me why eBay and Paypal are the same thing." Would you rationally explain then how it doesn't count that eBay got more votes in a previous round than Royal Mail, when Paypal wasn't an option? Just admit it was severely flawed, you'd at least get a bit of respect then.
  • noodles
    I cannot believe three mobile have not won it. what an utter joke of a company
  • Hm
    What a sham. PayPal is worse by far.
  • Gav
    Wahey! 100% deserved! I was talking to abour 4 people yesterday about the postal situation and one of them said that post men just put the 'sorry you were out' note through your door even if you were in. They do this because they haven't actually received the parcel at the local depo yet. Wankers huh? One of the people I was speaking to even said that they had the note slipped through the crack of the door so not to make a noise with the letter box. Shocking! 3 out of the 4 people said they had received this note even though they were in the house all day. Congrats Royal Mail!
  • charitynjw
    Ebay, Paypal, DSGi - trust BW to give us an Xmas bubble - & where's the giraffe?
  • rostron71
    I've just this second finished trying to arrange redelivery of a Christmas package to my house after a Sorry, You Were Out card was left yesterday. The earliest they can redeliver? December 29th. Royal Mail thoroughly deserve this award for their overpriced and apathetic service.
  • Pat M.
    @ rostron71 That is simply because: 25th = Christmas Day 26th = Boxing Day 27th = Sunday 28th = Bank Holiday so 29th = next working day... what did you expect exactly?! Why don't you go pick it up from the sorting office, like say, today or tomorrow?
  • rostron71
    @ Pat Mustard How about tomorrow? I know, crazy even to think such a thing.
  • thingy
    why must it be something dodgy going on? i use royal mail, paypal and ebay all the time - have done for years. so far (and touch wood, i have heard the stories at least), i've NEVER had any problem using either paypal or ebay. not even a minor problem. royal mail have f**ked up many times for me though. fully deserved winners as far as i'm concerned.
  • Jay
    Why does HUKD bother with bitterwallet? This contest was more fixed than the X factor. DSGi would have easily won the contest if they were in the final. Paypal and Ebay interact with each other. To pay for something on ebay, you mostly have to use paypal.It's two services by two companies that are essentially one entity.
  • Junkyard
    Andy - try buying something off eBay without using PayPal, then come back and rationally explain to me how you can consider them to be separate entities. Last time I checked, I didn't have to go and see Newcastle United every time I wanted to buy something from Sports Direct (thankfully). Incidentally, I'm not "so upset by a piece of seasonal fluff" either. Why do you assume that taking a couple of minutes out from a boring day at work to make an idle comment on a consumer website equates to being "so upset"? It's just a bit of a laugh, but it's also entirely the wrong result. :)
  • goon
    i think everyone knows paybay is the real winner just leave it at that
  • Duaine D.
    Everyone appears to be taking this a little too seriously. I'm sure the bosses of Royal Mail aren't losing sleep that they topped a worst company poll involving around 2000 voters on the internet. Like the man says, it's just a bit of fun.
  • thankyouthankyouthankyou
    Just send me the trophy and I'll take it in as I work in Royal Mail HQ. On second thoughts, don't put it in the post..............
  • stuart
    What Rubbish Does anybody know what RBS did to US this year? Did we all forget?
  • Brian
  • t-bone
    i work at the post office and to gav , u dumb fuck , why the fuck would we post a 'sorry you were out ' card if we never had the package? Its coz spastics like you who don't know what a post code is, never went to school , address an envelope like a doctors prescription, cant be asked to open the fukin door quick enuff that some priks have voted royal mail.
  • Spankypants
    I have experienced poor service from many companies this year but only one has actually made a significant impact on my life: Royal Fail. A combination of evil managers and clueless unions royally (see what I did there) screwed up things for me this year due to delays in the post. Sack em all.
  • Brians W.
    # Posted by Brian | December 23rd, 2009 at 6:47 pm SCREW YOU ROYAL MAIL Yes Brain because your not screwing me
  • JJ
    why dont they changed the fuckin voting system on here so it isnt like the bloody champions league? should be all the companies in a single list, you give the worst company 10 points, next 9, then 8 etc. and yes, paypal and ebay should be the same fuckin thing. as already pointed out you did the same for pc world and currys etc. royal mail are a close second though.. posties are retarded labtomoized gibbons that dont know thei relbow from their arse. i work from home, sit at a bay window at pc with net curtains and watch them just put the card through the box. cock suckers.
  • Royal B.
    [...] from other postal operators. All of which should do them no harm if they want to hang on to their Worst Company In Britain 2009 [...]
  • Phil
    Ebay own PayPal, and show preference to them as payment providers, integrating them into Ebay so tightly that you may as well say they are the same thing. PayPal treats some customers badly, far too many to be satisfactory. Ebay their "owners" do not do much, if anything, to improve PayPal's behaviour. Is that enough of an explanation why the votes could be added together???
  • Shooter
    What about Sky, they, lie, lie and lie again...........told me I needed to give them 25 quid for freesat, that they had turned the signal off or something and said anyone selling a blue card was a fraudster and they rule the skies, not the RAF! As for Royal Mail, an Orwellian, Kafkaesque, Stalinist joke that is not even funny any more.
  • Warren H.
    Absolutely now way in a million years, try working with eBay and PAYPAL. I am 40 years old and I have NEVER dealt with such an obsessed, paranoid, controlling, uncaring and ridiculous company in my ENTIRE life. They have gone past the point of customer care or concern. If they went bust tomorrow it wouldn't matter because the owners are set up for life! They know that so what does it matter to them! All this time they are laughing in our faces because they know that some people depend on eBay as an income! My biggest dream in the world would be for eBay to go under tomorrow and everybody all team together in the biggest law suit in the entire world and sue the owners for gross misconduct and lack of morals and care for their customers! Maybe being at the bottom of the pile in this life will remind then exactly how difficult life can be when you really have to work for everything you have got in life!
  • Royal B.
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  • Fred
    "..the fact (possibly untrue) that all posties knock off at midday and get to spend the rest of the day on the piss.." I can attest that this is quite possibly true. I worked behind a bar in a pub for two years, and every day at 11am the postie would stop by, having finished his rounds, for a coffee and a brandy (yes...he had his own brandy glass behind the bar and all..)!
  • How B.
    [...] Royal Mail eh? What are they like? Not content with winning Bitterwallet’s Worst Company in Britain 2009 award, it now emerges that they’ve thrown away £5 million on to the streets of the nation over the [...]

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