Amazon's grocery 'offering' is going a bit weird...

It’s been a while since Amazon stepped into the online grocery arena (and take our word for it, it IS an arena) but they still haven’t made much of an impression on consumers.

Perhaps this is the way forward, abandoning hyper-expensive boxes of crisps and focussing on the more ‘specialist’ products instead….

Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 12.21.09


  • Dick
    Obviously this is not amazon, but a marketplace seller listing their own products. Its not even that good a price tbh. We can get whole lamb unbutchered at £5/kg locally, and they do the same price for a half carcass.
  • Richard
    They've been offering (via a reseller) very expensive (£500+) legs of Iberican ham for some time.
  • Mark C.
    Their grocery section is rubbish for everything except cat food, which is much cheaper than my local supermarket, and saves me having to lug it home. Though it does still feel odd ordering pet food from Amazon.
  • heywood j.
    Might be nice to try click and collect from one of those new fabgled collection depots. I may even wait several weeks before collecting ;)
  • Boris J.
    Didn't we get the Amazon meat story last year? Have I actaully gone back in time and encountered the story again or have I been taking far to many of my Anti-Alzheimer's medication and I am no remembering things in advance? No I'm right in the head. July 8th 2010.

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