Amazon win our Best Company of 2011 award

best-company-2011-medal The votes are all in, they’ve been counted, recounted and double recounted and there can be no doubt about the winner of Bitterwallet’s Best Company In Britain award for 2011. As the headline of this story hinted… it’s AMAZON.

Over half of those of you that voted put your tick in the box of the superlative online retailer, with John Lewis following fairly close behind. They’re the two companies that crop up time and time again when we run this poll, so if you’re a retailer and you’re wondering what you could be doing better, take a look at Amazon and John Lewis for a few clues.

Once again, here’s the results of the poll in full. Normal cynical service will now be resumed.


  • Tom
    It's a shame that service is so shit in this country we applaud retailers for doing the bare minimum.
  • Muppet
    Why is giffgaff on the list? The customer service is non existant, they only deal via email, the community answers most of the questions which saves giffgaff empying more than 2 members of staff - for crying out loud you email them and get a standard reply of "We are experiancing delays" - Not really good customer service is it (Flame proof hat now on for the atypical HUKD user who wants to bum giffgaff because they've saved 2p over the year)
  • Rob
    I think it is funny that not even giffgaff staff bothered to vote for themselves.

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