Amazon to include frozen groceries in one-hour delivery service

16 October 2015

amazonfresh Amazon are throwing the gauntlet down to the supermarkets as they are now including frozen goods like pizza, fish fingers, and, we dunno, choc ices or summat, in their delivery service in the UK.

They'll be testing this new service out, as part of the Prime Now one-hour delivery service, starting in Birmingham this week, and some bits of London next month.

Amazon said: “Prime Now customers already benefit from ultra-fast delivery on everything from essentials like bottled water, coffee and nappies to must-have products like the latest video games and devices. We are excited to be adding a range of chilled and frozen items to this selection.”

This is all prepping the country for the arrival of Amazon Fresh, their full-on grocery service, which is already a thing in parts of America. The main difference between the British offering and the American one, is that Stateside, you can order fresh fruit and vegetables and the range is more extensive.

Either way, the supermarkets will be getting jumpy at Amazon throwing their weight around like this.

Of course, the big shops are already feeling the heat of the challenge from Aldi and Lidl (and pound shops). The big guns are looking decidedly old-fashioned with an out-dated look at price matching (where rivals just keep prices low without checking their rivals) and daft loyalty point schemes (no-one really understands them or wants them).

Now the internet is about to become a viable option, Tesco and the like, are really going to have to up their game. For the consumer, there's more choice than ever.

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  • Saviour
    Only "excited"? and not "super excited"? Fucking lightweights. Move on.

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