Amazon to hire 2,500

amazoninstant Obviously, Amazon have got designs on taking over the entire universe at some point, but for now, it is baby steps. One area of growth is in the UK, where the company are going to create 2,500 new permanent roles, so get sending them your CVs.

That'll take Amazon's UK staff up to a whopping 14,000 people. They're also creating jobs elsewhere in Europe too, in areas including their infamous warehouses.

So, if you need to know, there's going to be roles at Amazon's new London head office, which is currently being built, and at their research and development centres in Cambridge, Edinburgh and London. There's also going to be roles at a customer service centre in Edinburgh.

Looks like Amazon are gearing up for a big push on something, and we suspect it'll be a full roll-out of Amazon Fresh. Of course, they've got drone deliveries on the way too.

There's also going to be a new Amazon Web Services data centre, which will be launching at some point in 2017, who are also going to be needing new staff.

"Britain has a world-class tech sector with a reputation for innovation and excellence," said Amazon UK's managing director, Christopher North.
"These new jobs we are creating up and down the country are testament to the quality of the workforce in the UK and our confidence in its economy, which we are proud to support through our continued investments."


  • Albi
    That's why they don't bother paying tax. They say they are exempt because they create jobs. That's news to the rest of us.
  • jaffacake
    not just that, the jobs they create are mostly mind-numbing......
  • Dacouch
    and most of those jobs will be on minimum wage leaving the UK Tax Payer to pay Tax Credits to give them a reasonable wage. The UK Tax pot that they do not contribute int0

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