Amazon to expand grocery service in UK

amazonfresh The supermarkets will be feeling worried, as Amazon are preparing to expand the range of grocery products they flog.

Christopher North, who is the boss of the UK wing of Amazon, said that they've got big plans for their Pantry, which will be expanding in 2016. It looks like this is a push to bring Amazon Fresh into play, where the retailer takes on the supermarkets, toe-to-toe.

Of course, the big four supermarkets are already being battered by Aldi and Lidl, so this news is more than unwelcome for them.

Launched in November, Amazon Pantry lets you buy from a range of 4,000 grocery and household products, with a charge of £2.99 for one delivery of a large box. North says that there's going to be thousands of extra goods added to their range. "We are really happy with the early numbers," he said. "In the new year we are going to be adding a lot more products."

Regarding 'Fresh', North added: "When we believe we have got the offer right, and the economics, we will roll it out internationally."

This comes on the back of a successful Black Friday, and the advent of Prime: "We were a little nervous going into the day, it was a hard record to beat. I don’t know how it worked offline versus online, but we have spent six years working out how to hold great Black Friday events. The consistency year in and year out has been important."

As for Prime: "The themes of speeding up delivery, bringing a more diverse range of products, and investing in our digital offering are the biggest areas for Prime."

But will they start paying enough tax for Amazon's detractors?

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