Amazon to buy Ocado?

amazonfresh As if the supermarkets weren't having a bad enough time with Aldi and Lidl eating away at their profits, now Amazon might be making a serious move into the sector, as there's rumours going around that they're looking at buying out Ocado.

Amazon's 'Pantry' service is imminent, and it all looks like they're shaping up to bring a full grocery service to the UK, in the shape of Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Pantry only offers a limited range of goods, such as frozen things and cereal. However, if it buys Ocado, it can branch out into fresh food. While Amazon don't have the delivery infrastructure for something like that, buying out Ocado would fix their problem overnight.

Will Ocado want to be taken over by Amazon? Well, they'll be weighing up whether or not they can take on Amazon, who are about to become a direct competitor.

Either way, this is bad news for the supermarket world. Amazon are a gigantic company and they could well kill swathes of trade for them.

However, Ocado still have an agreement with Waitrose, which is good 'til 2020, which means they will have to be paid handsomely to go away. If this goes ahead, it'll be very interesting to see how the competition responds.


  • Han S.
    They also have an agreement with Morrisons which is good until 2038
  • Alex
    Lol, I too was thinking that the most lucrative part of ocado was the morrisons contract. I bet Morrisons will be delighted to get out of it.
  • Bonobo
    ^ Morrisons will be long gone by then. ^ Ocado is owned by former Bullingdon Club cocksocket Jason Gissing. Would he take the money and run? Well what do YOU think?

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