Amazon team up with Morrisons

amazonfresh Amazon have teamed up with Morrisons so now, you'll be able to order a load of frozen and fresh products from the online retailer.

Morrisons say that this deal is going to let those of you who are Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Pantry customers buy things from Morrisons ambient, fresh and frozen products in the next couple of months. We're not sure what ambient products are, but we assume it has something to do with a Generation Xer and some windchimes.

Of course, this is good news for Morrisons and bad news for the competition. Supermarkets would have been very nervous about Amazon throwing their weight around when it comes to groceries, and here we are, with Morrisons being chosen to as Amazon's first foray with the Big Four.

"The combination of our fresh food expertise with Amazon’s online and logistics capabilities is compelling," says Morrisons honcho David Potts. "This is a low risk and capital light wholesale supply arrangement that demonstrates the opportunity we have to become a broader business. We look forward to working with Amazon to develop and grow this partnership over the coming months."

Morrisons have a deal with Ocado already, and of course, there was talk of Amazon buying Ocado out. It seems through all this, a deal has been reached. Looks like Morrisons are gunning for a big comeback, or will they just get chewed up and spat out by the gigantic Amazon corp? We'll see, but whatever the outcome, for now, Tesco must be sobbing into their laps.

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