Amazon show off new drone... with Jeremy Clarkson

Amazon are really making a move for drone deliveries and have shown off their latest model, in a video that features Jeremy Clarkson looking slightly awkward.

The new prototype drone can apparently get you your package within 30 minutes, and is part of Amazon's 'Prime Air' service. It is all very futuristic, and the new drone looks like this.


According to Jeremy Clarkson, who now seems to be the human face of the company for absolutely everything now, Amazon is designing a "whole family of drones, different designs for different environments."

This new drone is part helicopter, part plane, which is fancy. We can't wait to see what happens when a load of falcons attack one in the air. Anyway, Kristen Kish from Amazon says: "This design enables it to fly long distances efficiently and go straight up and down in a safe, agile way."

As for picking up your packages, it looks like you'll designate your own Prime Air landing area with a laminated card. You pop it down, and a drone comes and drops off your package.

There's still no launch date on all this, and there'll be a lot of flight regulations to get cleared first, but this looks like it'll definitely be a goer. Here's the video starring Clarkson and a dog.

And a drone of course.

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