Amazon selling food cheaper than the supermarkets

amazonfresh Amazon are going toe-to-toe with the supermarkets, and have kicked things off by offering grocery deliveries within an hour of being ordered and, to add to that, they're cheaper than Tesco and Asda.

Research by The Grocer found that staples like butter and cheese (as well as more fun things like ice-cream) were cheaper at Amazon than they were at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. As for milk, pizza, peas and whatnot, Amazon matched them on prices.

The big savers were Lurpak Spreadable butter (500g) which was £1.45 cheaper at Amazon, while a litre of Tropicana Orange Juice was £1.50 at Amazon, when everyone else is charging nearer to £2.50 or over.

When you compare the items that were stocked in all the stores, the Morrisons bill was 15.5% more expensive than Amazon, while the Sainsbury’s order was 14% more. Tesco cost 8% more, and Asda was 6.2% more expensive. This is big news and big trouble for the Big Four supermarkets, who thought that they only had Lidl and Aldi to worry about.

And with deliveries being offered within the hour (for £6.99) or free delivery for those who can wait two hours, Amazon is not messing around here.

There is a catch of course - you'll need to be a Prime Now member, and that'll cost you £79 per year, which is something to take into consideration regarding savings.

In a statement Amazon said: “Prime Now customers already benefit from ultra-fast delivery on everything from essentials like bottled water, coffee and nappies to must-have products like the latest video games and devices. We are excited to add a range of chilled and frozen items to this selection as we continue to expand the number and variety of products that can be ordered for delivery within 60 minutes."


  • bill
    Also worth noting prime now has only been rolled out to a few areas so far. Manchester and london etc I believe.
  • bonoborama
    So is Prime Now different from Prime? Is Prime Now £79 on top of the subscription that people already pay for Prime?
  • Mooch
    Just put my postcode in here But they're not in my area yet.

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