Amazon Prime Now rolls out across the country

amazon-logo Amazon are rolling out Prime Now across the UK, which means more people can get their shopping delivered within an hour.

It has been available in London since summer, but now, people in Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle will be able to use the service. So, it isn't a proper roll-out, but it is something.

Prime Now has been taken up most keenly by gamers, with a variety of Xbox and PS4 games being shipped out, alongside all manner of crisps and fizzy pop. You can also get frozen food, milk, and other items which you can probably get from the corner shop.

Either way, Amazon have said that there's been a strong uptake on the service, and they shipped out 200 million of their items for free to prime subscribers, over the festive period. Sales data showed that Christmas Eve became the biggest ever day for Prime Now deliveries. Unsurprising as they've not really had it around for that long.

Now that Prime Now is in more cities, there's only going to be more people trying it out. With Amazon's grocery services being pushed to the fore in 2016, looks like Amazon are going to actually try and take over the entire universe.


  • Peter T.
    So a better headline would be: Amazon Prime Now doesn't roll out across the country
  • Fagin
    That is not "rolled out across the country" lazy bastard Gimmers! That is merely a few more city area's. count them!

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