Amazon open actual book shop, without a hint of irony

amazoninstant Amazon are opening a book shop. An actual bricks and mortar book shop, just in time for Black Friday.

Of course, seeing as Amazon, for a variety of reasons, are the scourge of other book shops, there's a level of irony here that will make some book shop owners roll their eyes all the way into the back of their skulls.

The retail giant has around 6,000 titles on the shelves, sold at the same price they are on the website.

It is located in University Village, Seattle. There, you can presumably have a play with Kindles and the Fire TV boxes and whatnot.

Amazon have been talking about opening physical shops for a while now, so this isn't exactly surprising. Of course, some of their rivals have opened shops too - remember when Google opened up a store in London? And Apple, obviously, have loads of shops around the world.

Here's what the Amazon shop looks like. Looks like any branch of Waterstone's really, only with a different way of grading books.

We expect nearby book shops to have passive aggressive chalk boards outside their stores, just like the ones done by coffee shops that are near a Starbucks.

amazon book shop


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