Amazon link to Twitter you can buy more stuff

Twitter-Logo1 [email protected]@K! Here’s a new easy way to buy a load of stuff when you’ve had far too much to drink!

Amazon can now connect to your Twitter account. So if you see a link to an Amazon product on your timeline and think ‘Mmm, I really fancy buying Paul Hollywood’s autobiography, because he’s such a FASCINATING MAN’ then you can add items to your basket using a hashtag – that’s #AmazonBasket in the UK, or #Amazoncart in the US.

The idea is to ‘add it now, buy it later’, which means you still have to go to the Amazon page to actually buy the thing, which is a small mercy at least.

And the feature will of course be of most benefit to the Amazon marketing department, who will be able to assess your likes, dislikes, hopes and desires and push you a load of rubbish on your Twitter feed, annoying every single one of your 164 followers.

So if 1-click ordering hadn’t got you into enough trouble already, be prepared to add now, and regret the mountains of spammy tweets later.

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