Amazon is still our favourite shop?

amazon logoAmazon have had a bumpy year. After being called out on tax avoidance practices, criticised over parity pricing and doing away with free super saver delivery on everything, you would be forgiven for thinking that Amazon might have fallen out of favour with the buying public. However, a new report on the retail industry shows Amazon are still top of the retail pops in both the UK and the combined global figures.

The annual report, produced by OC&C Strategy, does highlight a serious drop in trust levels for Amazon in both the UK and Germany- although UK issues are mostly related to bad tax behaviour, Germany has suffered from reports of ill-treated workers and strikes. Nevertheless, Amazon still came top in the UK overall, and second in Germany, as well as besting the combined charts.

But across the board, Amazon actually came top for trust levels across all nine countries surveyed, which included the US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, India and China, and nor was it the retailer who lost the most trust with consumers; in the UK the demise of has unsurprisingly led to a trust-crash in the brand, but furniture retailer DFS was actually the worst culprit for squandering consumers’ trust overall. Guess we figured out that the sale is actually permanent after all.occretailUK

The top five companies as far as UK consumers were concerned included Amazon, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer (twice). John Lewis also topped the department store rating across all nine countries.

But there are some strange figures as well. Poundland is actually rated higher for low prices than the 99p store, and both are considered more expensive than Primark. It seems consumers are either stupid, or confusing the question with the value for money category, which did include low price retailers Aldi and Poundland, but was actually won by Amazon. Again.

All in all it seems that, no matter what Amazon do, we can’t wait to spend our money with them. Who else is saving their Amazon Prime trial for December so they can have an advent calendar style delivery of Christmas presents every day in those smiley brown boxes…


  • jokester2
    Amazon provide an extremely good service, often at the best price. And just because they don't give the government more money than they are required to, that is no reason to boycott them. Anyone who has a problem with Amazon (and other companies like Starbucks) reducing their tax costs is simply a hypocritical moron - nobody intentionally pays more tax than they have to, and this would be a ridiculous way to run a business!
  • Tits M.
    Pretty much what I was going to say, jokester2. Except I might have made some vague reference to foxes.
  • Her L.
    Having been a Prime subscriber for a few months I can say that this business model is where every other ecommerce retailer needs to be. Next day delivery, even on a Saturday. If you're lucky they get delivered by DPD who give you an hourly delivery window, otherwise it's probably some unmarked van from Milton Keynes. Rarely will your parcel be molested by incompetent Royal Mail. Got a problem with your order? Send it back. Money credited within a couple of days. Amazon fucking rock.

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