Amazon invade London Underground and invent their own money

22 November 2013

amazon-coins Six months after it launched in North America, Amazon Coins have been propelled into the UK and German marketplace. Of course, we've already got money that works perfectly well, but Amazon clearly felt the need to create their own currency.

Of course, this is a virtual currency and you can use it to buy paid apps and the like, from the Amazon for Android Appstore. That's if developers buy into the idea.

Obviously, Amazon think it'll be worth our while, saying: "For many Indie developers, Coins has accounted for the majority of their revenue since Coins launched in the US." The company have celebrated the launch by giving away a small amount of virtual-dough to Kindle Fire owners, most of whom will be looking blankly at it, wondering what to do with it. Maybe buy a virtual bookmark?

As for the exchange rate, 400 Amazon Coins is worth £4 according to Amazon. Naturally, Amazon haven't forgotten about real money as they are looking at moving into the London Underground. Tube users might not be able to get tickets anymore, but they will be able to buy gadgets and whatnot.

As the Underground is closing their ticket offices (so they can go 24 hours), Amazon are looking at moving in. It has been reported that Transport for London are talking to Amazon about converting ticket offices to drop-off points for goods.

Asda has already announced they're moving into the Tube, so customers can pick up groceries when they're not at home to take deliveries.

If the High Street is struggling, maybe it should look to moving everything underground, like some Dystopian sci-fi film?

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