Amazon get into the grocery game - don't all rush at once though

In the beginning, Amazon sold books. Just books. Big books, liitle books, hardbacks, softbacks, all kinds of lovely books. But now, with the sudden addition of its new grocery service, it’s banging out bread, biscuits and for all we know, blobs as well.

Following on from a recent similar launch in the US of America, Amazon’s UK site is now ready to provide you with your groceries, without you having to get up off your arse, if you’re that way inclined. If that isn’t enticing enough, they’re even boasting of a massive range of 22,000 lines and promising free Super Saver delivery.

But, although it’s still in the beta stage, it’s nothing short of a shambles, as you’ll see from this, one of the top listings in Amazon’s range of crisps....

Screen shot 2010-07-08 at 00.48.11

How much for 48 packets? And what the effing jeff have Simon and ruddy Garfunkel got to do with it all. Oh, and we can’t actually have the crisps for almost another month? Nice one Amazon, cheers. Screw you eh?

If that’s not bad enough, vast numbers of the Amazon grocery range are provided by third-party sellers, who generally don’t offer free delivery. So a small shop of 20 items could theoretically come to your house in 15 different boxes and almost bankrupt you.

The popular press are painting this launch as a fait accompli, lazily reproducing huge swathes of PR guff and claiming that Amazon are set to put a hole in Ocado’s forthcoming share issue. But Ocado really don’t have anything to worry about at this point in time. The main reason their share issue could be doomed to fail is simple because it’s fucking mental.

Avid readers, here’s your challenge for today – get about the new Amazon grocery range and see what the maddest product you can find is, whether it be in terms of supply, pricing or delivery charge. We’ll bet there’s loads...


  • The B.
    I bought 18 packs of Quavers in the Cabot Square Tesco's on Monday for £1.99, bargain.
  • Paul C.
    An oldie but a goldie:
  • kev
    hopefully they'll have our favourites soon [img][/img]
  • Timbo1234
    The wine is seriously overpriced as well, I saw one bottle on there for £10 more than you can easily get it elsewhere!
  • Mo
    Lamb anyone?
  • Stu
    How about some milky bar buttons? Only £104!
  • Jim P.
    The vegetable section is insane : a cabbage for 1.20 from some third party supplier. There are some interesting things in the spirits section though.
  • Junkyard
    Personally I'm sticking with the Nine Inch Nails mustard on Blu-Ray, a snip at £199.98.
  • MrRobin
    48 Pack of tomato crisps - review says "could have been a much bigger hit had it been poster size" Yeah i would buy these crisps if they were the size of posters too! Amazon recommends that I buy them with the "Where's Stig?" book.
  • Umbongo C.
    they must be rosemary and thyme flavoured crisps
  • Q
    On the lamb front, did anyone notice the reviews... By: A Customer Hmmm, lamby lamby lamb lamb I haven't eaten this lamb, but I have eaten other lambs and so I reckon this one would be nice too
  • Jimble
    Self Evident? Rhyming Slang?
  • The L.
    This is taking diversification to the level of the ridiculous. WHY OH WHY would Amazon want to do this? As if they aren't raking in enough profits as it is.
  • Amazon B.
    [...] in, expecting to hoover up all the money and then do a little celebratory dance. But sadly, they went about it in the most cack-handed manner imaginable, like someone decorating a room by getting pissed and hurling a tin of paint [...]

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