Amazon are officially testing the drones

amazoninstant Amazon stepped ever closer to having parcels delivered by flying drone robots, edging us nearer to a life that resembles The Jetsons. They have been given a special certificate which allows them to test drones in America, and if that goes well, they'll be rolling that out worldwide.

The Federal Aviation Administration have given Amazon an “experimental airworthiness certificate”, which means that those who have a pilot’s licence can test the unmanned craft. Criminals meanwhile, will be practising their aim with catapults, so they can nick all those lovely presents in the sky.

The PrimeAir delivery service has been talked about for a while, but has been held up by a number of laws and red tape.

Amazon pushed on, and with good reason - drones won't cost as much money, like a delivery man and a van's fuel and all that. The idea is that it will speed up the delivery process too, and other companies are looking into employing drones as well. How they'll get around the fact that some people live on main roads and could see drones landing in traffic, is another matter entirely.

Still, it is reasonably exciting, in a novel way, to think of getting your online orders delivered by a flying robot and just think of some of the hilarious accidents they're going to cause.

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  • Father J.
    *dusts off air rifle*

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