Almost 300 jobs go at Comet

4 March 2009

The electrical retail world is continuing to squeeze the pips out of itself. The ongoing troubles at PC World and Currys won’t be news to anyone who is a regular at Bitterwallet, and now Comet have got on board the redundancy train and are hurtling down the tracks with 280 passengers heading towards Dumpsville.

Putting that railway nonsense firmly in the sidings, what we’re trying to say is that almost 300 jobs are to go at Comet. 96 of the jobs will go as four of the firm’s service centres (almost a quarter of the 18 in total) close over the next two months, with a further 184 head office roles to be chopped following a month-long consultancy period.

Comet MD Hugh Harvey has told staff in an email that the company 'do not anticipate having to make any more large scale changes to our business unless the market declines further.' Which, to be honest, it almost certainly will.

With Best Buy readying to enter the UK market later this next year, it seems that there’s a lot more blood to be shed in the electrical sector before this recession is over. If you’re a Comet staff member, let us know what the mood is among you and your colleagues right now, and if you’ve got any inside info, mail us at [email protected]


  • jaysexy212005
    I am suprised Best Buy are going to enter the UK market whilst there is a recession going on. Surely their sales are going down in America as well.
  • The B.
    I did my bit, I bought one of the £63 1Tb Western Digital Mybook after Chrimbo, although it took 3 sales staff and 1/2 an hour to find the damn things in the warehouse.
  • Will
    I did my bit. Spent 2 hours in there talking about a Sony TV, got them to take it out of their warehouse and show me it and the contents of the box. Got them to power it up and show me what freeview was like and the differences when the picture settings were changed. Went home and bought it from John Lewis for £7 less.
  • dora
    Tbh i dont really think the actual retail store staff will really care that much, as its not really affecting them.
  • Paul
    I did my bit, went in to look at the Sony TV I wanted, decided it would be an ideal purchase, and went home to buy it from Amazon for £54 less. Rip-off mechants reap what they sow in the end.
  • Callum
    How much was the Sony TV? A £54 difference sounds vaguely reasonable - Amazon don't have to employ sales assistants, run shops etc. and you can pick it up from the shop instead of waiting in all day. (Admittedly I would have gone to Amazon as well, but it hardly makes them rip-off merchants.)
  • anon
    Best Buy have already announced that they will not be opening a UK store till mid 2010
  • Andy D.
    Correct - announced today
  • A E.
    How can you think that the closing of service centres will not affect the staff? Do you think we enjoy ringing customers to tell them that their product - which we have had to send away for repair against their will - is not going to be back within the 3-week commitment date we gave them in the first place?! Aside from that, the staff make money based on how the store does, so those of you who are going round and ordering from internet sites are the ones who are making this happen. Yes the stores charge £54 more for the TV, but who are you gonna see from amazon when that TV breaks?
  • Brian
    I notice that your site fails to publish articles about when DSGi are expanding and trying their hardest to change things for the better for themselves. Whether in the long term it makes a difference or not, who can tell, BUT at least the company are trying to save themselves. Of course the majority of people on here would rather they went under causing thousands of people to be made redundant, impacting the UK economy even more, which would in turn impact Comet, the beloved John Lewis and their 'Cast Iron' 5 year warranties and even internet shops. only the strong survive.....
  • Joff
    I did my bit, I reserved a 1p TV stand as seen on HotUKDeals and went in store to collect. The manager refused so I just mumbled something under my breath, knocked over a Duracell display and shuffled on out of the door never to return.
  • Jakg
    "The electrical retail world is continuing to squeeze the pips out of itself. The ongoing troubles at PC World and Currys won’t be news to anyone who is a regular at Bitterwallet" What? You keep posting about all these people who *could* lose their jobs - and yet no-one in my store (or anyone I know at other PCW's) have lost their jobs... "I did my bit, went in to look at the Sony TV I wanted, decided it would be an ideal purchase, and went home to buy it from Amazon for £54 less. Rip-off mechants reap what they sow in the end." How exactly is £54 "rip-off" when they are paying for stores across the country, staff, TV ads etc?!
  • Brian
    oh, didn't you know Jakg, everything single thing sold by DSGi is a rip off. everything. even the stuff thats cheap. its all a rip off. at least the company is attempting to better itself and stay afloat. However the people on this website don't want them to. You all say customer service is shocking, so they start retraining and doing something about it. it takes time to evolve, it can't just be switched on. but its not good enough. unless DSGi start somehow matching internet prices, whilst still giving discount for cash (incase you don't have the internet to price match against), doing free delivery and installation (cos JL do free delivery) and give more free warranty than anyone else, you lot won't be happy.
  • Dirk P.
    All hail BEST BUY. just wait till they come over and start selling 42" plasma's with 20 year warranty for a tenner and just give you brand new sets if it breaks down with a box of chocolates anytime within the warranty period. They certainly wont come here and try and make money like every other business. that will teach the likes of comet and currys. and they are not affected by the worldwide recession because they are magic and are run by little pixies who live at the end of your garden. Dirk
  • Brian
    dammit Dirk, now I want a job with Best Buy UK. how do they pay their employees? Pixie fluff? cos its the most important substance known to man. Best Buy in the UK is where all the gold in the world is.
  • Bullet
    Do best buy sell guns like Walmart, because whn they took over Asda I searched everywhere and couldnt find any.
  • Brian
    Best Buy UK will stock for the UK market. Knives, hoodies and brass knuckles. but as they're clearly the best for technology, those items will be onsale next to the Lightsaber's and nuclear warheads
  • Darren W.
    all these people on here defending PCWORLD make me laugh.... OK so you work for them, for the peanuts you are on do you honestly still defend your product? Why, its overpriced expensive and complicated to purchase... just look at some of the examples above? and you defend this level of service.. you make it out as if you dont ever shop online for your goods, you are honestly telling me that you purchase all your video games, TV's etc.. through your own stores??? and No it wont affect those working in the call centre's, half of these call centre's are outsourced centre's so all the call centre will do is move them to another campaign.... Im a young family, If I was genuinely wanting to buy a TV or a PC (YEUK!) i would honestly say that I would never consider PCWORLD or COMET etc.... its the place my dad used to shop!!! bring on Best buy.... And for all the employees on here, Im sure we will see you serving in a Best buy store soon... you might give a sh*t about your store, but they dont give a Sh*t about you!
  • Brian
    how soon is this best buy store going to be open? So darren W, you want to see the back of any retail stores selling electrical goods and only deal in online purchases? and do best buy genuinely care about their UK employees? I can say this, the public dont care about retail employees. if one leaves or is fired, thousands more are prepared to take your place, thats the way its always been. look at the total lack of sympathy for woolies employees. the news was full of selfish shoppers saying that they'd only saved so much after completely raping their local store. so the solution is obvious... no more shops eveyone will work in warehouses or customer service centres doing phone calls or online chat. no one will be able to see or demo anything before they buy it. there will be no high street stores you can just pop into. any problems with your purchases have to be dealt with over the phone or online. no kind of instant replacement on faulty goods. but everything will be cheap as shit, websites will spring up and try to compete, then realise they're selling at a loss and go under. warranties will be void. repeat....
  • cometemployee
    I really can't believe in times like this you are all being so damn right 'nasty'! The people who work in these shops are human beings, with families to provide for. Because were in a recession you all think its right to wish these people lose their jobs, leading to them possibly losing their homes and young children losing out on things their parents have been trying to go to work to provide for them. Would you all be happier if we all quit our jobs and claimed benefits???? I think not! Every day I deal with people who have bought over the internet and come in wanting advice on how to work their product or what to do with their faulty product! Is it not common sense that things in a shop will be more expensive? Believe it or not electicity and rent costs money! Why don't you all go back to your perfect jobs where you repair the world and never have anything bad happens!
  • Dirk P.
    It just makes me laugh that people are hoping that comet and currys etc will close down and Best Buy will come to the uk and be so much different. What do you honestly believe Best Buy is going to do? sell everything the same price as the internet? They will not survive 5 minutes with that policy. Best Buy are just going to come to the uk and do exectly the same as all the other retailers. it reminds me of football supporters who force the manager out of a club beleiving the next one will be better and then realising he is exactly the same and forcing him out......etc etc etc
  • Clapton A.
    "Posted by Bullet | March 4th, 2009 at 8:28 pm Do best buy sell guns like Walmart, because whn they took over Asda I searched everywhere and couldnt find any." You wanted to buy a gun? You should have tried the Hackney branch!
  • cometman
    What about all the scum bags who come in waving there wads of cash. All bigging them selves up with there fat chav wives and there twenty kids. Just because they can't get a 40" panasonic freesat tv half price they kick off and say oh this is shit, i'm going to john Lewis. Yeah right, if haven't saved enough through benifits then maybe try getting a real job to pay for this telly. Its the chavy scum bags and rich ponces who stuffed up the economy, till they get wiped out these problems will still be around. I have to say in my store we try our best to help people, but people come in , that before you even say hello you get - i'm not buying. Another thing that needs to return is manners.
  • -=Mike H.
    “Almost 300 jobs go at Comet” GOOD !!!
  • Chris
    Bitterwallet did report on the currys/pcworld combination Brian.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Posted by Will - " Went home and bought it from John Lewis for £7 less." You sad [email protected] £7 bloody quid....
  • The B.
    I bear no malice to DSGi or Comet employees, frankly if you do have the item cheapest I will shop with you as per the WD mybook, but to spend 30 minutes being pissed around and then pay over the odds? Yer 'aving a giraffe, and that is why if you do go under you only have yourselves to blame, clueless employees and high prices do not a thriving business make.
  • another e.
    Darren W stop talking s*** if your going to buy from the internet then go f****** do it.don't come into my store expecting advise and service when your going buy it from the internet!same happens when you want to know something about your product when you've had it delivered and can't work it,well f*** o**.-=Mike Hock=- i hope you lose YOUR job piece of s*** don't think your job is not at risk buy this best buy that,well the same was said about walmart 5 years ago that they were going to take over everything and close everyone down HASN'T for internet prices in the store,look what happened to EMPIRE DIRECT going going gone!!!
  • Willmo
    Why would people wish others to lose thier jobs? At this hard time people should be supportive and want less people on benifits etc to help the country rebuild. If you dont like Comet , Currys , DSG etc fair enough thats your personal opinion but there is no need for this malice towards thier employees, what have they actually done to you to make you feel this way? Some people seriously need a reality check.
  • OMG
    Interesting how a headline about Comet job losses turns into a blog about Currys and PC World!!
  • Brian
    its all about customer service. everyone seems to want amazing service and huge amounts of unbiased knowledge from staff, but at internet prices. So far, who has that?
  • -=Mike H.
    So called A N Other Comet Employee, Good look finding another job in retail with that kind of attitude mate, that's the type of attitude we expect of Comet employees, thanks for proving it for us. I'll toot my horn if I see you in the dole queue loser ;)
  • Ian
    Mike Hock Just show a family member or friend of yours that attitude if they lose their job and see how warmly they feel towards you then. Peoples lives and their family's can be devastated by losing their jobs, struggling to feed their family and paying rent or a mortgage. You may not think much of the staff's product knowledge, but there are scores of questions you can ask on any technology product and there are hundreds of different products with different features. It's impossible to know it all. Basically, most of them are good people. With your selfish 'up yourself 'attitude, you sound like a right TOS**r. Is there a misprint - I'm guessing the first letter of your surname is C not H?!
  • the B.
    Oh dear, Ian try saying Mike's name out loud, now what does it sound like? My Cock by any chance? It's a joke name, I'll leave you to figure out the others as I have a feeling you may be a while.
  • -=Mike H.
    Repeat after me Ian, 'Mike Hock is tiny and smells', now go outside and shout it to the local chavs, see what happens. I've lost my job before, so I know what it's like, It's called life and that the way shit goes dude, they're not good people, they work in Comet they try to rip me off and talk bullshit about their crappy products just so they can make a little extra money out of me, end of.
  • Brian
    god forbid any business should try to make money. and anyone in sales should try to make commission on top of wage.
  • A E.
    Hmm. Profitable businesses... not in this day and age Brian. Please.
  • P
    I have an interview at comet tomorrow, finding a job is tough. I am good at customer service, I have worked in retail before, I hope I get the job, it seems no-one wants to employ me. I buy stuff in the shops and I must admit most shops have terrible customer service, common sense stuff like jumping on a till of there is a long queue is an alien concept to some workers, and a politte demeanour is something they have never heard of. Places with good customer services are M&S, WHSmith, John Lewis...
  • another e.
    lmao! to the other comet employees stop defending comet so much. comet is expensive cos it has stores, service centres etc whereas amazon have a website n a call centre n like most online only retailers offer F-all else. so if comet dropped their prices n shut all their stores people would moan cos they dont ahve the stores. catch 22... aint gonna change. best buy are from wot ive heard/read in the states have APPALING customer service but im not gonna go there cos i dont know maself. but Dirk i hope your being sarcastic when you say "They certainly wont come here and try and make money like every other business. that will teach the likes of comet and currys. and they are not affected by the worldwide recession because they are magic and are run by little pixies who live at the end of your garden." cos your a complete muppet if you think a company is going to open stores without tryin to make money. thats why these companies are there, not to provide people with electrical goods as a public service, they are there to make money! the main problem the electricals market has is the supermarkets that are selling cut-price electricals. they are selling them at a loss (which they make up through groceries and the rest of their business) to close the major electrical retailers so that once comet/currys/argos etc have gone they can then put the prices up to what they should be and start making a profit. then everyone will be more p*****d off as they can only get their TV from tescos now and its more expensive that even Comet used to be!!
  • Jakg
    I don't think Supermarkets are selling for a loss - Tesco's have 1,251 stores (excluding Metro, OneStop etc), whereas Comet have over 250 stores - straight away that means that Tesco can buy about 3 or 4 models of laptop or kettle or whatever, and then send thousands to each store - bulk-buying supermarket style. If Comet (or PC World / Curry's) tried to get away with such a small range customers would get pissed - but to compete Comet (and PC World / Curry's) try to compete with advice (some people in those stores know what they are talking about - although they can be few and far between!) on what products suit the customers best (i.e. "laptop? £280? bargain!" - except it's got 1GB of RAM and Vista. And is terrible - Same for the £280 32" TV's Sainsburies sell - which are cheap unbranded tat compared to the £500+ top-of-the-line Samsung 32"...). Customers want internet prices, and advice, and good customer service, in a shop. And then they want a discount for cash. Retailers just can't win... I would like to make it clear while I work for an electronics retailer (PC World) I do feel sorry for the companies situation, however that doesn't mean I support some of their tactics (i.e. the £14.67 USB A->B cable!).
  • Dirk P.
    @Another comet employee....... It's time to play the music It's time to light the lights t's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight To give you some credit i was actually joking about the pixies.......they are run by elves. Dirk
  • Nice s.
    Comet may be making some staff cutbacks but the company is actually in a fairly stable position No doubt thanks to its Web site which is arguarbly the best Electricals only website in the UK. Comet recently announced profits and even if it does start making a loss through the first part f this year, (which many Retail chains do) it will no doubt claw back a substantial proportion over the peak period. In any case, Comet is not an independant retailer, It is owned by the Huge european giant KESA Electricals. I think that the announcement to reduce some of the workforce may be prompted by greedy share holders who are getting the Jitters! The fact that none of the customer facing staff are being laid off is a good sign showing that the company will not sacrifice its commitment to customer service. As somebody who purchased from Comet about 10 years ago i can tell you alot has changed in that time and the whole experience is much better now, same goes for PCW and Currys, all of which are much more customer focused these days.
  • another e.
    =Mike Hock= me a loser,i don't think so.i've had a job all my life due to my work and commitment over the years.anyway i've plenty of money saved if things go wrong for at least 6months which i'm confident i could find another job.i do know what i'm talking about don't pantronise me.your the type of customer with a chip on your shoulder who thinks they know everything?well you will allways find someone more knowlelge and experience than you in whatever type of business there is?perhaps if you went into a shop with a better attidute to the staff you might get more out of them instead of being a total s*** head.
  • another e.
    Dirk Pitt with a name like that you're the muppet dirt pitt is a prick.
  • Dirk P.
  • P
    calm down. ppl can't expect a customer to be so knowledgable when they are not trained a such, and are on minimum wage. thats what the techguys were for but they went out of pc world now?
  • Dirty B.
    Mike Hock, you are quite clearly a complete cock juggling thunder cunt
  • Specialist
    Well guys if you do work at Comet and your jobs under threat then you get every sympathy from me mate and I work for DSGI. Between our companies we need to spit roast best buy and send them back to America with their tails between their legs. Whoever said that about Empire direct " internet prices on the highstreet. " Going Going Gone" Proofs in the pudding really isn't it. It can't happen. Dirty Berty...... Last comment was quite amusing. Inapropriate But amusing. lol
  • TimeWaster
    Makes me laugh! The comment about making the sales advisor demonstate the telly, then buy it from an internet site. It's people like you that make sales people uncaring, and spoil it for the rest of us. Sales guys arn't stupid they can tell if your buying or not, yet they still have to do as you ask. Don't waste their time let them serve someone who needs their help, thus giving them better customer service. If you can use the net then read reviews rather than waste someones time. Your the ultimate cold caller!
  • Specialist
    Timewaster Perfect comment!!!!! From a TV sales advisor
  • LLR
    Careful Brian, if you keep talking sense then the locals will chase you off here with pitchforks and fire. And possibly pitchforks on fire.
  • another e.
    Specialist,spot on with your comments,couldn't agree more,even though your the competition i still sympathise with whats going at dsgi with people losing there jobs.comet used to be the competition for me(i used to work for NORWEB)anybody remember them.but they took over and closed the shops down then i became a comet employee but that's the way things go in life,but it's funny because i used to compare customers i got at norweb with comet.i'd ask sales advisor at comet when i started did he get this certain customer that i got at norweb he replied yes!he was a pain in the a** he had the same customer and no change there,whatever company you work for whether its pc world,currys comet we are all in the same for best buy maybe it will be a success maybe not,who knows perhaps i may end up working for them.all you can do is do the best your paid to do!and thats it!
  • m
    um i went to comet today and it was full of staff, too many staff, many of which were doing nothing. as is typical, only a couple of till workers yet dozens of ppl walking around doing owt!
  • Nice s.
    Surely doing owt is a good thing?
  • Ian
    To Mike the CocK (never a truer word said in jest) and others Old Chinese proverb says : Be careful for what you wish - you may get it If you think Best Buy is going to come charging into the UK with the intention of being the saviour of the consumer, you will be sorely disappointed. To prove this, just set up a Google alert with the Search Term BEST BUY and see the returns you get showing crap service. Today's alert alone (received 11.5am) lists three examples: 1. I bought a computer from Best Buy and was surprised to find a sticker on the box saying opening this box subjects you to a 15 percent open-box surcharge. I opened the box and found it did not have what I wanted. I had asked the salesperson if it had a TV tuner in it and the salesperson said that it did. And, the shift key was not operating correctly. They accepted the return but insisted on charging the open-box 15 percent surcharge. Why am I paying $105 for a deficient product? 2. Best Buy charged Nicole $99 to backup her data but then replaced her hard drive without backing up a single byte. Nicole's service contract clearly stated that Best Buy would perform the backup before any other service. Now Best Buy is claiming that her old hard drive is their property and that she has no right to the data that they failed to backup or restore. 3. Best Buy employees sold a used, broken camera as new, then attempted to claim that it was not their fault. However, the incriminating pictures OF THE EMPLOYEES that the purchaser recovered from the camera beg to differ. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE WITH YOUR BEST BUY PURCHASE!!!
  • comet l.
    leave us sales people to sell to customers who are buying and not wasting are time ,most customers are smack heads anyway
  • Ewan
    What a bunch of sad gits!
  • Comet y.
    Lol..some funny posts in this thread. I work in one of the centres dues to be closed, and any1 who's laughin n jokin about it is out of order. I am one of the lucky ones as i am being re-located. And for all you who wasted sales staffs time and got elsewhere, did you not no comet have a price promise, and will match prices?? so really in the end you wasted your own time too...nice one!! I think comet are a good firm to work for, alot better than the likes of Pc world, and i know that for a fact. I think their service is better, and their staff alot more knowledgeable, as comet invest alot into training to ensure customer service is as high as poss. And comets Comet on call service is the by far the best in the market. Best-Buy so what, wont make any difference, ya never know, it might help when people see how poor the service is/will be, they can come to us!!
  • comet e.
    dirk pitt and mark hock u r both twat how would u feel if u lost a job and couldn't provided for ur family and losted ur home u would be deverstated u make me laugh bunch of twats we r all human u watch comet will get through this stronger than every we r ready to rise up to all the comet colleages good luck lets kick some ass and sell sell sell we have the best colleages
  • What's S.
    Jesus H Christ, sell sell sell? You're on next to minimum wage mate. Working in Comet is nothing to be proud of. It's a losers job. Comet fuck you up the arse every day and you take it willingly. They DO NOT give two shits about you. I bet you spend your hard earned 200 quid per week on hair gel, aftershave, mobile phones and WKD Blue. You sad monkey. Fuck off.
  • various
    Interesting debate. I have worked in sales for Curry's and John Lewis and at Head Office for Comet and Amazon. I am now just an electricals customer (who incidentally has a friend who works at Best Buy). My inside observations are that Amazon and Best Buy don't give a damn about the customer just taking your money then leaving customers to sort out any problems themselves.Curry's have improved their service and actually Comet have a far higher level of customer compliment letters to sales ratio than John Lewis who are perceived as being the best. They also spend huge amounts of money and time training colleagues up re technology. If I'm buying sheets and towels I would in to John Lewis for the own brand quality but for branded electrical goods, I've been bitten by lack me follow up support by Amazon and I worked for them, Curry's are Ok but if i'm parting with a fairly significant amount say for a new telly. I will stick with Comet and the sales guy who's name I'll remember and ask for next time.Comet staff are not paid commission or spivs so I am more comfortable that they are matching my needs rather than selling the best deal for them. They are however rewarded on overall performance, of which sales levels are part, so I would not waste their time picking theis brains and then driving elsewhere to buy.The petrol would cost more than any saving and their Comet on Call service is great and even managed to help and impress my techno phobe elderly dad who was a John Lewis did hard. I hope both DSGI and Comet survive as price is the only thing internet can compete on as they have no rent, rates and utililies costs let alone staff to man stores. If they disappear, there will be no personal service (good, bad or indifferent) and internet companies will raise prices as they will no longer need the price USP. Any british job losses are not welcome and to be avoided and companies need some profit to re invest . All companies have to be as commercial as possible but none deliberately price themselves out me the market in this day and age.
  • nys u.
    The unemployment insurance appeal can be intimidating when unfamiliar about the laws and how they apply to your particular situation. Fortunately, there are a lot of options for unemployment appeal advice, help, and representation. Keep reading to learn how to get unemployment insurance appeal help.
  • Comet y.
    I've worked for Comet for about 2 and a half years, I am 19. Don't get me wrong I was thrown in the deep end when I started, told to watch the safety videos and the shadow another sales person to get the ropes. After 2 days I was "ready". But 2 and half years on I'm quite confident that if a customer comes in and asks me a question about any new technology be it in TV's, laptops or fridges I'll know what I'm talking about. Comet have a system called E-learning, I don't know if its the same in England as it is in Scotland, that we are recommended to look at at least once a week. So if any new modules are released we are well prepared for the new technologies. I personally work in the Partick branch in glasgow and if I'm honest the customer service our store gives is next to none. I trained to be a PC engineer for a year in my last year of secondary school and got to grips with the cost of parts for PC's and laptop's. Comet's extracare service (extended guarantee) imho is worth the money. No depreciation, no no-fault-found charges, like for like if we can't fix it and no extra charges. Comet's sales staff know what parts cost, we know what call charges are for different manufacturers. Even which magazine have said that Comets extracare is worth it along with John lewis's extended guarantee (yes "extended" not the the free 5 year). Also JL's free 5 year is good I can't argue that but it is a bit misleading since due to SOGA (sales of goods act) if a product doesn't last a reasonable amount of time anyway you can take it up with the manufacturer. 1 last point, regarding people wanting discounts, I personally have never went to tesco, asdo, waitrose, M&S or any other supermarket and tried to haggle and get a discount for my bog roll why should Comet, Currys, PCW and the like be any different, I understand you've never paid £700 for bog roll but tbh we make sweet FA on TV's and such, we make money through the accessories and the like. Next time you go into an electrical store think about things ffs.
  • peeved
    Frankly I'm sick of Comet's UK website. Recent update means reviews can't be posted, registered users can't check deliveries and all I get are stupid default apologies from customer services who don't know what the hell is going on! Clearly Comet need a firework shoved up somewhere! The site update is taking far too long and thanx to the speed of the internet I have NO TIME TO WASTE ON THESE SHI* MERCHANTS. I'm glad consumers are responding. However in response to a few comments left by others on here. The "E learning," covers the stats and stats can be wrong. Not the fault of Comet per se but the fault of communication between the Comet sales staff who market the goods before they reach the stores and info supplied by the manufacturer. Latest hum dinger I came across in store was for a separate cooker hob with radiant rings - stats read "ignition button." On a wholly electrical hob that uses no gas?? Come on Comet! Secondly the Domestic & General/Coverplan is a waste of time. I'm ex Comet, Currys and SKY representative and funnily enough, the D&G coverplan all seem to be rather similar and time wasting for the buyer with excess parts charged if they dont come under the plan guarantee, at higher prices than finding the part yourself from a dealer online and doing the repair privately. I have only ever tried the D&G coverplan ONCE before I ever worked for Comet and that was a total disaster. Whilst Comet staff are human beings, I don't think it is the fault of the staff to blame for anything - they do a fine job - its the company that sits behind them expecting buyers to contact a customer services department that rely on a text book training and a head office that sit with their hands over their eyes, turning a blind eye. For the record, John Lewis were one of the first to price match and they have come top as being the best shop/high street mass name 2010 by Which. Comet really need to get their heads out of the clouds and move with the times!
  • Lee
    Comet is the worst place to work and are expensive but they do price match most other retailers
  • john d.
    Comet may be expensive, but i do know that no other retailer offers as much after sales service as comet, i will always pay that bit more for good after sales service- and as for a bad place to work it's better than been on the dole, that's why there's so many people out of work, too bloody picky!!!!
  • Honeybabes
    Seen a lot of comments saying that prices instore are more expensive at Comet, this simply isn`t true.... We now have the same prices instore as online so there is no confusion there... also it baffles me as to why customers don`t read the instructions on electrical goods.... they are quick to return and complain to us, RTFM (read the f*****g instructions!)
  • john s.
    Its no surprise comet service is going bust, an engineer of theirs lives in heskin and always gets home before 2pm. not exactly a days work.

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