Aldi to raise minimum wage rate in UK to £8.40 an hour

aldi_logo Aldi are going to hike up the minimum wage they pay in the UK to £8.40, which is good news if you're working for them, or thinking of applying for a gig with them. The wage will go up from February 2016, as they try and stay ahead of the competition.

This new rate is available to all their staff, regardless of how old they are. While others will rely on the National Living Wage to bump wages up, it is of course, not available to anyone under 25 years old.

Of course, this is even more mither and pressure for Aldi's rivals at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons. Lidl already announced their plans to put wages up, which makes the big guns look even more tight-fisted.

Matthew Barnes, chief executive for Aldi's UK & Ireland operations, said: "Just as Aldi won't be beaten on the low prices of our products, we are also committed to offering the best pay and benefits in the industry."

If you live in London, the wage staff will get is £9.45 an hour, and Aldi also trolled the competition by casually mentioning that they think they're one of the few supermarkets that gives its employees paid breaks.

Aldi's rivals are going to have to act sharpish because, at this rate, all the best staff are going to run-off and join the German discounters.


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  • RC
    It's time for consolidation. Morrisons is the only candidate for a takeover bid out of the three listed supermarkets. The acquisitive South African businessman Christo Wiese has 19% stake in grocery chain Iceland and he appeared to raise the idea of an expansion of his Brait investment vehicle into the UK supermarket sector. It seems he and the other members of the consortium which bought Iceland will take over Morrisons and merge the two businesses. This way Morrisons will have hundreds of convenience stores. I believe they will do it sooner rather than later as Morrisons said the profit in the second half will be higher than the first and Moody's said on 16/9/15 that the outlook for Morrisons remained stable, with operating performance "likely to stabilise in the second half of FY2015/16″ and according to DigitalLook, Morrisons is expected to increase EPS by 18% in FY2016/17. I believe a takeover bid would be for at least £3 a share.

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