Aldi to offer online shopping

aldi_logo Aldi are continuing to chip away at their rivals. First, they offered cheaper, fuss-free shopping which doesn't have all those confusing and dodgy looking offers and price checks, and now, they're taking their wares to the internet.

They say: "The Which!!! Best Supermarket 2015 is about to get even better. From 2016, there will be a fresh new way to shop Aldi’s range of award-winning wines and fantastic non-food Specialbuys – from the comfort of your own home."

"We’ll soon be bringing some of our great quality, great value products to thousands more customers across the UK, regardless of whether they’re close to an Aldi store. These products will be available for delivery to your home or for collection from third party locations."

"From early 2016, you’ll be able to buy wine by the case online. And with more than 1,000 bottles of the award-winning Exquisite Collection being sold every hour, you won’t be the first to discover our fine wines at unbelievable value."

What a non-food Specialbuys? We'll let Aldi explain:

"Our online wine shop will be followed by the launch of non-food Specialbuys in Spring 2016. We’re talking about the the non-food items we’re famous for offering every week. From electricals to baby & toddler essentials, camping and clothing and not forgetting gardening or DIY. But, as always, our Specialbuys are only available for a limited time only. So hurry, because when they’re gone they’re gone."

To find out more, Aldi say that you should sign up for their newsletter (which you can do here), or, the best of the deals are likely to appear in our Deals of the Day, which we post daily.


  • Alex
    If this was for food it would be big big news but it isn't its meh probably not news worthy at all.
  • Agnes H.
    I can see the point made by Alex, but as a public transport shopper, any of the heavier & bulky items are not available to me. therefore I do welcome home delivery or collection from third party locations.

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