Aldi to expand online range

aldi_logo Aldi are going to be expanding their range of products that are available on their British website for home delivery, adding non-food items like electrical goods and gardening tools. It'll be bargains galore, for sure. You'll remember that the German supermarket started selling wine by the case, through their Specialbuys range.

Aldi themselves said in a statement: "In the seven weeks since its launch, Aldi’s eCommerce platform is performing very well so far, attracting around one million users each week, with a significant proportion of users based in London and the south east of England."

The retailer will be offering free standard delivery for a limited time on both wine and Specialbuy products.

As ever, it is all good news for Aldi, as they have seen their sales rise 15.1% in the 12 weeks to February 28th, with an overall market growth of 0.5%, making their share of the market 5.8%. By 2022, they plan to have 1,000 stores operating in the UK, with 80 new supermarkets opening this year.

Now, if you're thinking of doing a regular food shop with Aldi online, for the time being, there's bad news.

Matthew Barnes, Aldi's chief executive, said that Aldi's food range was not in the company's plans to be put online, and this week, they reiterated that their position on this hasn't changed.

For now, at least. Either way, you can have a look at Aldi's online offerings, here.

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