Aldi take the price war online!

aldi_logo Aldi have decided to take the price war online. That's right! Internet warfare, with prices set to be murdered in the street and dissidents strung up from lampposts.

It'll be happening some time next year, so Tesco will be able to make a doomsday bunker and prep their arsenal in good time. Meanwhile, Aldi have had record annual sales in 2014, and are looking to continue that with this year's results.

So what's the deal with this new online wing? Well, Aldi said that they're going to kick off its online service by selling wine by the case, and then add non-food offers in Spring.

With sales rising 31% to £6.9bn in the 12 months to 31 December, compared with £5.27bn the year before, you can see why they've decided to strike while the iron's hot. However, with this expansion, increased investments "in prices and people" saw operating profits actually fall to £260.3m from £271.4m.

If things carry on as they have been, Aldi will be able to make that up with the addition of 65 stores to their existing 598 shops in the UK.

Matthew Barnes, chief executive of Aldi UK & Ireland, said: "As the grocery market continues to evolve, our unique model, operational efficiency, private ownership and financial strength mean we're able to keep investing in our business - from people and presence to products and prices."

The big four supermarkets are still crapping themselves, as Aldi and Lidl - who are giving everyone a decent payrise and invading posh bits of London - continue to gain ground in the UK.

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