Aldi sell world's best steak for £7.29

Aldi sell world's best steak for £7.29

Aldi are at it again - they're selling something really fancy, for a really cheap price.

They're offering what is regarded to be the world's best steak - the wagyu - which goes for big money in restaurants. What might cost you £50 in a swish eaterie, will cost you just £7.29 at Aldi.

It'll be on sale tomorrow, and of course, stocks will be limited so you need to act quickly if you want in.

You could of course, go to your local butchers and see what they've got, but that's not what this article is about.

Aldi's wagyu steaks are from cattle that are 100% grass fed in New Zealand, and have a rich, distinctive flavour. It is a really, really lovely cut of meat in fairness.

Aldi expect that there's going to be a bit of a rush on for these wagyu steaks, so they're imposing a limit of two steaks per customer.

That means, if there's a few of you intending to eat these together, more than one of you is going to have to queue up for them.

While you're there, you can see if they've got any of their special gin in stock, which is sold at a bargain price, and was awarded one of the best tipples in the whole world not too long ago.

Anyway, here's the wagyu steak you're looking for.


  • John-Smudger

    Excuse my ignorance but I thought Wagyu steak was supposed to be raised from cattle in Japan.

  • AlanTheCat

    That just looks like they've relaxed what can and can't be called 'Wagyu', tbh. I mean, it looks like a nice cut, but true wagyu is mostly marbled with fat. It's like a light pink colour.

    The term 'wagyu' used to be as tightly regulated as 'champagne'. 

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