Aldi say 40% off coupon is a scam

21 December 2015

You may have seen a voucher, offering 40% off at Aldi doing the rounds, but the retailer says that it is a scam and should be avoided. They have explicitly said that this voucher can't be redeemed in any of its UK stores.

They've also pointed out that you shouldn't give away any personal details when trying to get the voucher, or take part in the competition that is linked to this discount.

It looks like this.


Aldi are now investigating the suspicious coupon.

As you can see from the image above, there's something fishy about it - the font on the date is irregular, with the '5' in the '15' being different to the other numbers. That sets alarm bells off immediately. And of course, anyone who asked for personal details for a coupon like this, is bound to be up to something, especially if it isn't coming straight from the supermarket themselves.

A post on Aldi's Facebook page reads: "We have been notified that there is a hoax 40% off Aldi voucher being circulated online. Please be aware that this post is fraudulent and cannot be redeemed in our stores."

"We strongly advise that you do not complete any personal details or enter the competition that is running as part of claiming the voucher. This is currently being fully investigated. Thank you, Aldi UK"

They also tweeted: "ALERT: We are aware that there is a hoax 40% off Aldi voucher being circulated. This post is fraudulent and cannot be redeemed in store. We strongly advise you not to enter any personal details on this website. This is currently being fully investigated. Thank you, Aldi UK"

So now you know. If you see one, avoid.

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  • OlPeculier
    American date formatting is a little bif of a clue as well.
  • Mike
    Idiots will see the 'voucher', not read a single word of the article, print/cut out said voucher, attempt to use it and be rebuffed, and come back here to pour forth their ire. You have been warned. Maybe mark the voucher with 'SCAM' in the style of 'SPECIMEN' on such bank notes?
  • Shopper
    What on earth does "no rain checks" mean in the context of coupons?
  • Shopper
    Aha - "no rain checks" seems to be an American/Australian thing, further evidence this coupon was made by an amateur. "The rain check is a slip of paper verifying that you came to the store for an advertised sale item that wasn't available. The rain check allows you to buy that item at the sale price when the store gets the item back in stock." Never seen that in the UK, sounds a pretty nice idea though!
  • Stephanie K.
    haha Mike "Idiots will see the ‘voucher’, not read a single word of the article, print/cut out said " Well said, most of the people don't even bother to read the entire article. Is amazon and walmart doing the scam they have great christmas deals I just came across a VPN (purevpn) which is 49$ per year is now giving another year free for annual purchase I dont think all of the things are scam online
  • bob
    @Shopper - Tesco will do that if you ask them. If they have an item on special offer and there are none left (or usually it's BOGOF and there is only one packet left on the shelf, then you can ask at customer services and they will print you a voucher for the same offer, to use next time you come in. Handy on larger items but not really worth it on most things, too much hassle.
  • Loribeth Q.
    Hey, I'm very cross as I just printed out your voucher and tried to use it at Aldi. They told me it wasn't valid, so I think you should refund me what the value of the voucher should have been. 40% of my Christmas food shopping would be £37.62. Can you please send the money to my account, details [details removed]. Contact me on my mobile [number removed] if you have a problem with this.
  • DrJogalog
    They have Aldi in the states so its possible it originated there.
  • Shopper
    @bob Interesting, I'll remember that.
  • Bill
    "Coupon value may not exceed value of item purchased". Now, with the exception of purchasing a negative amount of products, how would that even be possible?
  • Spencer
    @Bill Commonplace on American coupons. A lot of retailers let you 'stack' coupons together to get multiple discounts and sometimes even free stuff. You'll notice on U.K offers/coupons they always have the term 'not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion/offer. I would imagine that whoever faked this just copied generic coupon T&Cs from another source (possibly a hotel or hospitality attraction as it refers to 1 offer per 'guest')? In short, it's possible if the T&C's permit the use of multiple coupons. For example, you could get a £1 off coupon for an item on special costing 99p - add to that a 40% discount and you'll leave the shop with the item and 40p. To prevent that, like I say, U.S coupons tend to put that in so that you can still 'stack' coupons and get free stuff, but you wont ever take money out of the till.

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