Aldi loves credit cards

9 October 2014

aldi_logo There's a lot to like about Aldi - you don't get a myriad of offers for loans, mobiles, banking or pet insurance; you just walk in, do your shopping and go home without being mithered.

One drawback was that you couldn't use your credit card in all of its stores... but that's all about to change as the budget supermarket is now going to lift their self-imposed ban on plastic money.

The reason they haven't been accepting credit cards, is that they're more expensive to process than cash and debit cards. However, from the 13th October, you can use them. .

“It is another potential barrier to shopping at Aldi that we are smashing down,” said Matthew Barnes, Aldi’s joint UK managing director.

Branches in Scotland and Wales have doing credit card transactions, which saw English customers having a moan about it all on Aldi's Facebook page. It seems that Aldi is willing to take a risk with their profits with the cost of processing credit card payments, thanks in part to the fact that Aldi revealed record annual profits for last year.

Bad news for the competition.

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