Aldi knock down 300 year old cottages without permission, but council don't care

A row of 300 year old cottages have been knocked down by Aldi, despite the fact they've not had any permission to do so. That's pretty lousy isn't it? However, as the article below shows, Cheshire council are too feeble to do anything about it and, as such, can't be bothered to take legal action.

How thoroughly lousy on both sides of the fence.

aldi bulldoze



  • Milky
    Too expensive, what just like council tax, funnily they don't let that drop do they, have the council all got 15% discount cards in perpituity? .....Arseholes, spinelss arseholes If local government isn't doing anything then NATIONAL government ought to MAKE shitty little chesire councillors do the right thing (& NOT by Aldi). incumbent wankers
  • Dick
    These are outside Knutsford City Limits.
  • Alexis
    To be fair, there are thousands of derelict heaps out there that should be knocked down but can't because they are listed. Nobody can afford to do them up, so they just sit there rotting.
  • Nathan
    A church house gin house A school house outhouse On highway number nineteen The people keep the city clean They call it Knutsford, oh Knutsford They call it Knutsford city limits
  • qwertyuiop
    Fucking Germans. What they've done is illegal and they'd have no chance of winning if it went to court. Cheshire East council should be ashamed of themselves as well though, this isn't about money. They'd win the fucking case. Maybe someone should go ahead and level a part of Germany's heritage in retaliation. Disgusting people, but as the saying goes a leopard cannot change its spots.
  • Sicknote
    I don't give a fuck about 300 year old cottages - I want my meat salad and bratwurst sausages.
  • Peep
    All very well taking them to court but it's not going to bring those cottages back is it?
  • Euan
    No, but in a fantasy world they'd get fined enough to save something else...
  • Richard
    The council would lose. The building was not listed, nor in a conservation area. Be grateful they are saving local taxpayers money by not pursuing a lost cause.
  • John D.
    Nothing like a bit of pointless, baseless racism eh, qwertyuiop?
  • Freddy F.
    Knutsford is a dump anyway. No harm, no foul.
  • bob
    @qwertyuiop - ever heard of Dresden?
  • TeflonMan
    @qwertyuiop: "Maybe someone should go ahead and level a part of Germany’s heritage in retaliation." What, like, say, Dresden maybe? Idiot.
  • jt
    Don't tell them your name Qwertyuiop!
  • Majorie D.
    As if the damage they did to our buildings in the Second World War wasn't bad enough. And yet they're still doing it ...
  • cleggy l.
    Maybe the MP for Knutsford can intervene when his finished pandering to the French and Germans
  • Arthur H.
    Bit like Coventry then? Maybe you should get your facts right instead of repeating a myth started by Neo-Nazis. "Dresden was an important industrial center with over 110 factories and industrial enterprises that employed 50,000 workers. These factories made armaments (shells and ammunition), torpedo parts, aircraft parts, field radios and telephones, steering elements for U-boats, specialized turbines for the Navy, X-ray equipment and precision optical instruments. There was also a poison gas factory and an anti-aircraft and field gun factory. Dresden was also a key junction in the railroad system for Germany with rail lines radiating from it in all directions. In 1944 special tracks and platforms were installed to expedite supplies to and from the major armaments and war-related factories in the city to the front in the east. There were four freight (marshalling) yards and four main railway stations, all of which were legitimate military targets. Dresden was an important transit point for military traffic to and from the eastern front, which was just 90 miles away in February 1945. A total of 28 military trains, carrying almost 20,000 men and officers went through just one Dresden train station each day. The destruction of these stations and rail lines in order to disrupt troop movements and reinforcements to the Russian front, which was less than two hours away, was a legitimate military aim."
  • Me
    If they knocked down all those council buildings in my area ( with tenants inside) and build LIDLS and ALDIS I would never go to ASDA again!
  • Cpt M.
    Send for Bomber Harris.... We will fight them in aisle 3...we will fight them by the strange meats... we will fight them by the cheap fizzy drinks...we will never surrender
  • blighty
    They don't like it up em ...we're doomed i say stupid boy...
  • qwertyuiop
    *gasp* Dresden? I'd forgotten all about that CITY (sarcasm off). How much of the UK did the nazis level? How much of Poland did the nazis level? If we were talking like for like here, there'd be close to nothing left to Germany!
  • Kevin
    Not actuallygrade-listed protected houses then? In which case it wasn't illegal, just immoral. Not to say they shouldn't make Aldi cough up money anyway.
  • rich r.
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