Aldi is COMING

aldi_logo First it was Lidl. Now Aldi are looking to expand in the UK and blitzkrieg the supermarket scene like a giant budget zeppelin.

Tesco, who are currently crying into a bag of their ill-fated own brand salt and vinegar doughnuts, will be quaking at the news that the German brand is planning a £600m expansion. It’s planning to open 60 new stores and a massive distribution centre in the Venice of the North – Barnsley – and it’s also making in-roads into city centre convenience stores.

This is Aldi’s biggest investment in the UK to date, and will double its workforce to 24,000.

Unlike Tesco, confidence is running high at Aldi, and they’re expected to announce a profit jump of 25% when it releases its figures in September.

Managing Director Roman Heini said that Aldi’s business model was simple and that gave them a chance to be close to the market. ‘I’m glad we don’t have huge complex beasts with online, banking and huge ranges.’

(He means Tesco).

Joint managing director Matthew Barnes added, rather evilly: ‘We have been happy for our growth to be below the radar. We are even more happy if the other grocers are not worried about us.’

(That means they’re going to ATTACK Tesco with cheapness).

Be afraid, retailers. Be very afraid.


  • Jerec
    Aldi are great, better the Lidl, and on a serious note, for £85 I get a week and half's shopping, £50 spent in Sainsburys gets me a couple of days worth.
  • Alexis
    "‘I’m glad we don’t have huge complex beasts with huge ranges.’ Which is why I'll never set foot in one of their crappy stores again!
  • Kevin
    I have an Aldi round the corner from me and I do use it, but I could never do a whole shop there. It just doesn't have enough stock to cater for most of a varied diet and the choices you want to have with what you want. But really, does anyone buy all their shopping from one supermarket anymore?

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