Adsa brings Santa in-store... in August

30 August 2012

Bitterwallet - robot santa in FuturamaWe're in the throes of summer and Asda, for some reason, have decided to open their Santa's grottos. No. Seriously. This isn't one of those spurious bits of hearsay like you see in the tabloid press when they claim a supermarket has banned (the insanely lucrative) festive period for fear of offending Muslims.

Asda are willing to talk about why these grottos have opened so early. They say that they're trying to encourage people to start saving for the festive season, and the best way to do that of course, is to dress your poor, beleaguered staff up as elves and force them to hand out savings cards.

A spokeswoman said: "The grottos are just a bit of fun as part of promotion for our Christmas savings cards. Our research shows that a lot of people are already starting to put money away for Christmas."

These cards allow customers to save UP TO £144 per each card. Worth noting that you're allowed more than one. Asda will pay a tiered bonus if the money stays on the card until 18th November, whatever that means. Either way, going off last year's figures, customers can expect to save around £74 per card.

With this early onset of Yule, chances are a good number of Asda customers won't see Christmas, spending it behind bars after going a bit 'Falling Down' with all the Asda elves.

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  • Dick
    So it is probably just a short term promotion to get people thinking about putting money into their Christmas stamps scheme. Seems a good idea. Or maybe they believe that Muslims are offended by Christmas and just want to start goading them early. Sometimes these schemes are a good idea. If you happen to be someone that shops in asda anyway, then put the cash into the bank. Then withdraw it on 17th November, buy £144 in stamps, get the bonus, then spend it on shit food.
  • Tracie
    Yea but the bank wont let me ave a fucking accoont thats why I ave to by the fucking stamps innit lol
  • Ceri
    ADSA or ASDA? (see heading)
  • Stevie
    Card Factory had a whole Xmas card section when I walked past the other day and they've no saving stamp excuse ;)
  • Flappy f.
    Almost up to the same literary standards as 'The Sun' there. Typo in the headline. Aweeesome.
  • Sicknote
    My local CO-OP were stocking the snowmen and selection boxes of chocolates.
  • DP
    Where can I buy easter eggs this time of year?

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