A hard rain falls on the high street

Thanks to the wet weather, last month rain was falling and so were retail profits. In fact, February was a lousy month for retailers as business slid into a puddle of doom.


Unless, you happened to sell…waterproof jackets, sales of which were up by 2.4%. Yes, if you’re an outdoor retailer, your cash registers will have been ringing with the sounds of soaked punters snapping up kagoules, wellies, anoraks and umbrellas to fend off the interminable water from the sky.

According to the BDO sales tracker, which monitors retail sales, fashion sales fell by 3.3% because the only thing it was possible to wear was a large waterproof condom and a boat. But like-for-like sales were also hit across the board, dropping by 0.9% due to the dismal wet weather.

But it’s not all bad news for the beleaguered high street! In fact, retailers have escaped relatively unscathed. Sales of homewares went up sharply, rising by 9.8% on last year – probably because we were all spending so much time holed up in the house. And those who managed to get to the high street have been spending their money quite generously.

BDO said: ‘The bad weather has certainly had an impact on footfall, but retailers are telling us that those consumers that braved the elements were spending and that conversion rates were up, which softened the blow.’

So it’s not a complete wash out. And I bet MONSOON did well! Hahahaha!

(I’ll get my waterproof coat.)


  • james
    Ah, so this month they are blaming the rain. In the Autumn they were blaming the mild weather for a lack of coat sales. There's always something. Perhaps that nobody has any money to spend on crap they don't need, and the high street is dying a slow death.
  • VulvaRevolver
    Retail loves to blame the weather for shit performance. Last year they blamed the snow, this year it's the lack of snow. Too wet, too dry, too hot, too cold, too windy, a cold spring, a hot March, etc. None of it matters. Shops are just showrooms for stuff people will buy cheaper on later on the internet.

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