99p Stores fined because crisps are sticky with mouse urine

bank-mouse Have you shopped at the 99p Stores in Croydon? Bought some crisps there? Well, as a bonus flavour, you may have been eating mouse piss. That's right! The shop has been hit with a £154,000 fine, after fly-infested food, rodent poo, and crisps that were 'sticky with mouse urine' were found at two of their stores.

Croydon Council found these horrible things and dished out a fine to Poundland, who bought the stores earlier in the year. The stores in North End and Church Street were rumbled after customers made complains about the droppings on the floor, and the smell of the shops.

Both shops have been closed while they get cleaned up and the infestations get sorted out.

Council man Mark Watson, cabinet member for communities, safety and justice, said: "It makes me angry that a company of this size can allow such dreadful failures of hygiene in its stores. This is a company that makes profits running into the millions, so there really is no excuse for such atrocious conditions to exist in its shops."

You suspect someone is going to get the chop for letting this happen, and of course, you're now invited to make jokes about the people of Croydon enjoying eating the waste products of rodents in the comments below.

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  • Han S.
    Probably worth spending the extra and going to Poundland

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